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Minister of Health Honors Female Security Guard at Al-Bad’ Hospital
12 April 2015
His Excellency the Acting Minister of Health, Mr. Muhammad bin Abdul-Malik Al ash-Shaikh, has honored today, Sunday, at his ministerial office the female security guard at Al-Bad‘ General Hospital, Wedad Keleib Al-Atawi; for her dedication to work, her commitment, and her vigorous contribution, by the Grace of Allah, to saving the life of a number of female inpatients at Al-Bad’ General Hospital, after the fire broke out at women’s inpatient ward of the hospital.
In recognition of her courage and sincere efforts, Mr. Al ash-Shaikh handed her out a certificate of appreciation and a financial reward. Besides, he extended his sincere thanks for her efforts and courage, meanwhile wishing her further success, and good reward.


Last Update : 18 May 2015 12:07 PM
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