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Al-Qunfudah Health Directorate Imposes Salary Deductions on Two Nurses, Recommends Terminating their Contracts
07 April 2015
Al-Qunfudah Health Affairs Directorate has imposed salary deductions on two nurses and recommended terminating their contracts, on grounds of their inconvenient behavior during their shift in the emergency unit of one of the hospitals in the province.
The Directorate  has explained, in a press statement issued today, that referring to what has been raised in the social media and other mass media regarding the quarrel that happened between two nurses in one of hospitals in the province, the Directorate has instantly formed a legal and professional committee to investigate the circumstances of the incident. As per the results of the investigations with the two nurses, and after verifying of the statements of the witnesses, it has issued a decision deducting 15 days salary from each of them and recommending terminating their contracts, pursuant to the list of the statutory penalties due to their inconvenient behavior and disrespect for the rules and regulations, and to avoid such behaviors in the future from the providers of health services and to serve as deterrent to those who distort this humanitarian profession. Meanwhile, the Directorate highlighted its keenness to boost its employees' performance level in a manner which contributes to improving the service provided for the valued citizens.   

Last Update : 11 April 2015 04:56 PM
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