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Bin Saeed Forms a Taskforce to Oversee Control and Command Centers at Health Directorates
06 April 2015
His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Saeed, has issued a decision forming a taskforce to be led by the Advisor of the Command and Control Center (CCC), Dr. Mahmoud bin Khourshed Khoja, to oversee the command and control centers at Health Affairs Directorates. Meanwhile, such a move comes to activate the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Health Mr. Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khateeb to form a Command and Control Unit in each General Directorate and Health Affairs Directorate.
According to the decision, the taskforce will conduct inspection and supervisory tours to the Command and Control Centers at Health Affairs Directorates in the regions and provinces for ensuring that work procedures and policies are applied properly, reviewing improvement points and conducting field studies on the work of the team, as well as analyzing data, identifying the gaps and following up efforts to bridge them.
It's to be noted that, the CCC affiliated to the Ministry of Health is responsible for continuous control of all infectious diseases and the early preparation for the protection against them, as well as monitoring and following up statements on the diseases, and providing response and coordination for the rapid intervention to control such diseases upon their occurrence in order to eliminate them before their outbreak.

Last Update : 13 April 2015 06:47 AM
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