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Training Course for Honing Hospital Managers' Skills Kicks off
06 April 2015
A training course for honing hospitals managers’ skills started yesterday (Sunday) in Riyadh. It is organized by the Hospitals General Department, in collaboration with the Training and Scholarship General Department.

The Director General of Hospitals, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Hamed Al-Ghamdi, said that the health system is currently facing a number of informational, technological and quality-related challenges, as well as the attempts to reach the international indicators and the accelerated development in the methods of hospitals development. He further pointed out that the leadership and management of a given health facility represent the main factor behind the technical and administrative advancement of that facility.  Dr. Al-Ghamdi indicated that MOH is harnessing all its potentials and capabilities in an effort to create and develop the qualified human cadre to carry on the health, technical and administrative tasks, by  adopting the improved theoretical and practical methods, and ways for developing its capacities and increasing performance level, as well as boosting the technical and administrative efficiency of its workers.

In a similar fashion, he has observed that this training course comes as part of MOH's Integrated Training Plan for honing the skills of hospitals’ managers, by means of providing them with fundamentals of hospitals management, as well as promoting their managerial skills, by recognizing ways to improve and develop the performance and the basic principles of health care quality, aside from improving the health services quality, in addition to  enhancing the basic skills of directors of risk management and patient safety, and resources and services. He said that the course includes workshops with the leaders and managers of the main departments to identify the tasks of these departments and provide solutions for the problems facing hospitals' managers.


It's worth mentioning that the course is attended by 25 managers representing 13 health regions and provinces.





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