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MOH Releases Weekly Report on Coronavirus, Recorded 7 Cases Last Week
05 April 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that cases of infection with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) recorded decline during the last three weeks at a rate of seven cases per week. In its weekly report about the latest development regarding the disease, MOH said that its labs have tested 1425 samples of the virus over the period from March 21st to April 5th (corresponding to Jumada l 9th to 15th, 1436H), pointing out that 7 confirmed cases were recorded amid people aged between 39 and 80 years. They are distributed as follows: 3 cases in Jeddah and one case in each of Riyadh, Eastern Province, Tabuk and Al-Ahsa.

The MOH pointed out that about half of the cases recorded last week resulted from direct contacts with camels (2 cases), and community-acquired cases, while 2 cases only were recorded amongst health practitioners, and another case still under examination.  Despite the significant decline in the recorded cases, MOH made clear that “we are still in the MERS-CoV season and we must not rush to reap the rewards,” stressing that “preparations will remain in place, and that efforts must continue with the collaboration of all parties led by the community cooperation and the health practitioners who are the cornerstone in this regard.” Regarding the complaints being handled by the Ministry of Agriculture teams, the Ministry highlighted that there are two complaints reported in Hafouf and Khafji.


Within the same vein, the MOH underscored that the Command and Control Center (CCC) keeps on its efforts around the clock by carrying out epidemiological surveillance tasks, making sure that all governmental and private health facilities are applying infection control measures as well as coordinating with the relevant government sectors, international health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and consulting firms to follow up all developments regarding Coronavirus.


In line with that, MOH is carrying on its efforts to raise the awareness of community members with the prevention ways against the infectious viruses, particularly the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), as (We can stop it) awareness campaign is geared up to launch new activities in the malls and shopping centers of Jeddah and the Eastern region by the end of the current week. In addition to that short awareness video clips are currently displayed on the stadium screens during football games. The campaign also witnessed participation of volunteers who distributed about 40.000 awareness brochures on MERS-CoV to more than 12.000 persons at a number of Riyadh’s malls and shopping centers.     


It is worth mentioning that MOH's campaign is aiming at raising the awareness about the ways of prevention against infectious viruses through explaining the necessary health guidelines to be followed in during the day, in addition to distributing simple brochures and sterilizers to community members in the public places such as commercial complexes.    


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