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The Training and Scholarships General Department Organizes Five Workshops for Health Practitioners
24 March 2015
Within the framework of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) concern about upgrading skills of the health practitioners at its affiliated medical facilities, the Training and Scholarships General Department has recently organized five training workshops using high-resolution health simulations. The workshops were held at the Training and Scholarships General Department affiliated to the Jeddah Health Affairs General Directorate, in collaboration with the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center at King Abdulaziz University.
The workshops included three basic and advanced courses to train trainers on the use of the high-resolution health simulation, as 50 doctors and health practitioners from different parts of the Kingdom were trained, given that the workshops focused on the basics of scientific formulation of training programs.
In the same field, two courses were held for 40 health practitioners, as the first workshop focused on training the workers in rapid response teams for emergency and urgent cases, as well as critical care cases, while the last workshop was about training members of operation rooms and anesthesia teams to deal with medical disasters before, during and after surgical care and anesthesia.
The Director-General of the MOH's Training and Scholarships Dr. Mansour Al-Yami explained that the MOH is paying all concern to the training and development of human cadres, especially for the health crews and teams of field practitioners, by means of holding and organizing many activities, training workshops and practical programs available at the national and international levels and using the latest available and scientifically-proved techniques and methods of education and training.
On his part, the Chairman of the Scientific Council for Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and Head of the Skills and Simulation Center of the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University Dr. Abdulaziz Poker pointed out that the main objective of the workshops is to provide immediate solutions in order to lessen medical errors and especially to work on improving dealing with human performance, using the new and education-support training techniques.
“The workshops also focus on using digital imaging to monitor the usual pattern for dealing with difficult situations and medical disasters in scientific and organized ways, in order to raise the level of safety for patients through health care provided for them,” he concluded.

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