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Dr. Khoshaim: MOH Strives to Provide the Best Health Services to Citizens and Residents
18 March 2015
His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammad bin Hamza Khoshaim, said that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has allocated SR 1 billion for the intensive care units (ICUs), in addition to service purchasing from the privet sector. The Ministry is currently working on offsetting the shortfall of IC beds by means or referral and service purchasing from the privet sector hospitals. Moreover, having realized the ineffectiveness of investing in fifty-bed hospitals, the MOH has agreed with the Ministry of Finance to pinpoint 100 beds as the threshold capacity for its hospitals. His Excellency considered some of the Ministry's projects as being late but not stalled, and those are very few compared to the ones already being constructed by the ministry. It is worth mentioning that this delay is due to re-designing hospitals in a manner that ensures better health environment, taking into account its yearly changing standards. 
Dr. Khoshaim made this statement while opening the Third Saudi Forum for Planning and Designing Hospitals and the subsequent exhibition. It was held under the theme “Healing Environments at Hospitals". He confirmed in his statement that the ministry cares and strives to provide the best health services with the highest levels and latest international standards to the citizens and residents, which comprehends planning, designing and constructing the medical buildings that meet the international standards. He said, “Our medical cities and specialist hospitals are equal to, if not better than, many hospitals around the world in that they offer high-standard health environment that provides the medical service to the patient once he enters the emergency section (ER) until he reaches the admission sections through the other departments of radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy. This made the centers a destination to many regional and international health authorities, who visit the Kingdom to take advantage of these designs.” He also praised the fruitful cooperation with the S‫audi Umran Society that hosted many international specialists and designers in the field of designing and planning health facilities; a matter which yielded an effective cooperation with our local designers, and prompted the creation of global, award-winning models.‬.

Dr. Khoshaim went on saying, “The Kingdom is going through a very vigorous stage; constructions are ongoing in all fields, particularly in the health sector which receives unlimited support from the government”. He explained: “The Ministry is planning, through the Ten-year Development Plan, to reach 73.000 beds with an increase of 33.000 beds to the current number, which is 40.000 beds. The rest of the public health facilities are also witnessing a huge expansion along with the private sector, thus we are seeing a brighter image ahead of us. I know that my colleagues, health workers, are fully aware of the responsibilities placed on their shoulders, especially after this massive support.” 

Afterwards, the Chairman of the Saudi Umran Society, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Dossary, delivered a speech saying that “organizing this event by the Saudi Umran Socity for the third time in a row after the remarkable success achieved in the first and second forums comes to form a gateway to the world of high-standard health buildings. The forum, also, offers a chance to exchange experiences between specialists to actively develop the performance of the implementation of hospitals to meet the expectations of the government.” He continued, “The launching of the 3rd Saudi Forum for Planning and Designing Hospitals, held under the theme “The Healing Environments at Hospitals," must be celebrated as the forum continues for four days.” He added: “The Saudi Healthcare Architects, an affiliate the Saudi Umran Society, is a member in the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the representative of the union in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The society has been established by virtue of the decree of the Scientific Board of King Saud University in 1408H, to become, one year afterwards, a place that collects those concerned and interested in the field of designing and construction”. Dr. Aldossary lauded the patronage of the Minister of Health to the forum as a confirmation to its role and contribution to improving the health facilities and enhancing the cooperation between the Ministry and the society, in order to increase the potentials of hospitals environment, thus achieving the quality and safety of the beneficiaries of the services. 
For his part, the Chairman of Saudi Healthcare Architects, Dr. Ziad Al-Suwidan, touched upon the beginnings of the Healthcare Architects, and the services it provides through the means and methods it uses to construct health buildings. He proceeded to say: “The forum, with the participation of 32 expert from Saudi Arabia and gulf countries, Europe, America, and Canada, aims to enrich the debate about the engineering issues, in planning and designing health facilities, as well as to update the means and methods of work and future aspirations regarding this field. That is to be added to the exchange of experiences between specialists, with the participation of the public sector's representatives in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard, and the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, specialists in engineering and advisory sectors, and a number of academics, engineers, and contractors implementing the health projects in the Kingdom. 

The forum will discuss several important subjects related to the theme, including the new directions of designing health environments, the relation between the health environment and the human psychological, social, and cultural needs, the influence of new technology on building a positive health environment, and the role of standards in the provision of a successful health environment, and applications of a variety of cultural data presented as case studies.
Commemorative shields were presented; afterwards the Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development inaugurated the exhibition. The ceremony began with a Quranic recitation, followed by a documentary about the health environment in hospitals.

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