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A Coordination Meeting Held for Nursing and Health Centers Officials
03 March 2015
In the presence of the Assistant Deputy Minister for Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munirah bint Himdan Al-Osaimi, the Nursing Affairs General Department has held a meeting recently for the officials of the Health Centers and Public Health General Department at the Ministry of Health (MOH) headquarters.
The meeting aimed at following up the latest developments as well as the new and developmental programs in the health centers, coordinating work and boosting communicating among the concerned departments in this regard, as well as reiterating the importance of cooperation and partnership among the different departments, in addition to making use of the available experiences to develop nursing services to be reflected in the services provided for the patient who is the focus of the ministry concern.
Within the same vein, the meeting reviewed obstacles facing nursing sections and staff as well as the plans and solutions meant to overcome them. Additionally, the meeting honored a number of former nursing directors in some regions and provinces.
On his part, Dr. Khalid Al-Tulhi said in a lecture on the strategic plan of primary healthcare in the Kingdom that they have taken into account the order of implementing the strategic plan's priorities in accordance with the available potentials to improve quality and achieve the maximum level of beneficiaries' satisfaction.
Meanwhile, he revealed that the plan includes a number of strategic objectives, including reducing the burden of patients on the community, improving living standards of individuals by providing supportive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services for all age groups throughout their life span in the context of the primary healthcare concepts, as well as making comprehensive health services accessible to all categories of the community in a manner which meets their requirements, in addition to developing and improving the quality system in primary healthcare.
All the more, Dr. Al-Tulhi explained that the classification and distribution of health centers depended on standards and criteria, including fairness of distribution of the centers among the regions, provinces, cities and villages of the Kingdom and the easy access to the health services, in addition to providing basic health services for citizens at a reasonable cost, offering advanced services in line with the population distribution in each region and economic efficiency in the operation.
The meeting also witnessed presentation of a number of lectures and workshops on care for old people at health centers, mental health programs and performance improvement.
On the sidelines of the event, the regular meeting of the nursing departments in the Kingdom was held in the presence of the Director General of Nursing Affairs, Dr. Elham Sindi.

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