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A Training Course for Development of Hospitals Managers' Skills Launched
02 March 2015
The training course for developing skills of hospital managers, which is organized by the Hospitals General Department in collaboration with the Training and Scholarships General Department, was launched yesterday, Sunday, during the period 10-14/5/1436H.
Director General of Hospitals Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Hamid Al-Ghamdi explained that the course came in the context of the exerted efforts to develop work in the Ministry of Health's (MOH) hospitals and as part of an integrated training plan to develop performance of hospitals managers, with the aim of providing them with the basics of hospitals management and the necessary skills to run hospitals.
Dr. Al-Ghamdi added that the course aims at briefing hospitals' managers on the management basics, main principles of health care quality and the concept, elements, obstacles and stages of implementation of strategic planning outputs, as well as the change management, methods of performance management in hospitals, the role of management in hospitals' accreditation, importance of resources management and inventory control in health institutions, in addition to basic skills of the effective manager.
He pointed out that the course includes workshops to be attended by leaders and directors general in the Ministry, in order to identify the tasks of MOH's participating departments, solve problems facing hospitals' managers and respond to inquiries.
It is noteworthy that 25 managers from 12 health regions and provinces are participating in this course and training is handled by a number of specialist trainers in the field of hospital management and human development, in addition to participation of a number of MOH's directors general in workshops to provide the hospitals' managers with the required notices and directives. 

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