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Jazan Health Directorate Denies the Existence of an Unknown Virus at Beash Hospital
21 February 2015
Referring to the story published on some websites about the existence of an unknown virus at Beash Hospital, and within the framework of the transparency principle pursued by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Jazan Health Affairs General Directorate denied the existence of any unknown diseases.
It is worth mentioning that the Director General of Jazan Health Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Sahli, has given his orders to form a team specialized in epidemiological surveillance. The team reviewed the records of all patients who visited emergency, laboratory and inpatient sections at the hospital within 30 days, and met with all the specialists in the hospital. The team confirmed that no unknown viruses or diseases were founded, and the health status is reassuring, May Allah be praised.
It is worth mentioning that all cases recorded in Beash Governorate are belonging to unidentified expatriates, who were infected with malaria (imported malaria), but they have been treated in time. Furthermore, Jazan Health Affairs General Directorate highlighted that mutual efforts are underway among the MOH, Jazan Municipality and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) to combat the epidemic diseases; such as dengue and Malaria.
Likewise, the Directorate pointed out that the suspected cases are first observed by the Ministry, which in turn reports them to the teams concerned with pesticides spraying at the Municipality and MOA. The directorate highlighted also that it formed health awareness teams comprising 90 health educators to promote health awareness among citizens and farmers.

Last Update : 24 February 2015 08:03 AM
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