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MOH: Health Instructions Issued on Dealing with the Wave of Dust
12 February 2015
​The Ministry of Health "MOH" has advised citizens and residents, especially those suffering from asthma or chest diseases, not to expose themselves to dust which is currently affecting the Kingdom, and not to leave homes, if possible. The MOH also advised them to wear medical and preventive masks when leaving homes during the dust wave, noting that the dust's particles irritate the respiratory tract causing allergic rhinitis.
The MOH's Media Information and Health Awareness Center, in a statement issued today on the dust wave currently hitting some parts of the Kingdom, said, "There are health instructions that help, Allah willing, provide protection and safety for members of the community during the wind blowing and dust waves, such as avoiding direct exposure to dust and other particles during the blowing of sand storms and not to go out unless it is necessary; that is to be added to following up weather newscasts on television, radio or the website of the General Presidency of Metrology and Environment Protection."
It also underlined the importance of tightly closing doors and windows to prevent entrance of dust into buildings and houses and paying more attention to personal hygiene during this period of year, in addition to the importance of cleaning houses and buildings thoroughly from the dust, particularly bedrooms and bed linen.
The center advised citizens and residents to wear medical masks or use a wet towel or gauze during the blowing of sand storms, if they are outside home or when necessary, meanwhile placing particular emphasis on the necessity of changing the masks constantly. As for asthma and respiratory tract patients, they were advised not to leave their houses under such weather conditions, if possible, and to follow their doctor's directives precisely, as well as taking medicine against asthma as per the doctor's prescriptions. With regard to those who underwent surgeries on the eye or nose, they were advised to be more vigilant and avoid going out under such weather.
The MOH called for visiting the nearest health center or emergency section in case of emergency, warning drivers to close windows while driving under such dusty weather and adjust the air conditioner at a suitable temperature, if necessary.
The Ministry confirmed that as part of directives and follow-up of His Excellency the Minister of Health, all its health facilities are ready to receive emergency cases, announcing that its 24-hour hospitals in the dust-effected regions have taken all precautionary measures to receive emergency respiratory cases, whether elderly or youngsters, although that the number of respiratory patients visiting such facilities are expected to increase, especially asthmatics.

Last Update : 16 February 2015 01:25 AM
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