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Dr. Alhowasi Welcomes GCC Health Ministers to their Conference
28 January 2015
His Excellency the Vice Minister for Health Affairs, Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Alhowasi, emphasized that the march of the GCC Health Ministers Council has been progressing unceasingly since its inception, and that, to date, efforts have been enthusiastically exerted to promote plans and strategies aiming at developing all services provided for GCC citizens in the various health sectors. He noted that the council has become a melting pot that embraces high medical experiences to deal with all health issues in the region; whether in the normal cases or abnormal ones (for instance, epidemic outbreaks - Allah forbid!)
Meanwhile, Dr. Alhowasi said that “ the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Health, would like to welcome Their Excellencies the ministers of health in the GCC countries to the 78th conference to be held in Riyadh on 15th and 16th of Rabei II, 1436 H, corresponding to 4th and 5th of February, 2015. He lauded the continuous support provided by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Allah bless him, and its role in encouraging such conferences and consultative meetings aiming at discussing the best ways to provide the best health services for the citizens of the GCC member states.  

Within the same vein, Dr. Alhowasi added that “the cooperation and coordination adopted by the Council amongst the brothers in the GCC countries in the health fields have been proceeding, evolving and growing at an impressive pace. The first and foremost aim is to provide the finest and the best curative services for all citizens and residents in the GCC countries.”  He deemed this cooperation as a major milestone compared to other forms of cooperation in the Arab region, particularly in the light of the support received by the council from the rulers in the GCC countries, which further prompts the wheel of development and advancement in the health field.  

In the Meantime, His Excellency reiterated that the annual meetings between health leaders in the member states contributed effectively  and harmoniously in providing successful scientific outcomes which supports aspirations of the rulers- Allah bless them- in achieving comprehensive renaissance in the health services copping with the accelerated developments in the world, in addition to benefiting from the distinguished experiences in each state and exchanging medical competencies between countries of the council  in order to achieve a prosperous future to be enjoyed by GCC sons.        

Concluding, Dr. Alhowasi lauded the pioneering role undertaken by the ministers of health in order to achieve the health wellness of the citizens. Additionally, he went on to pray for Allah, the Almighty, to crown this council with success, and to support it in achieving more achievements and successes in cooperation and coordination, and to strengthen brotherly partnership in the health field, in addition to building integration and unity ties amongst the brothers in the GCC countries.     


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