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Minister of Health Issues a Resolution to Transfer the CCC from Jeddah to the Ministry's Headquarter
02 January 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced reshuffling leadership of the Command and Control Center (CCC), and moving it from Jeddah to Riyadh, as part of the planned transition since its inception, as well as activating it to work on permanent basis throughout the year to combat Corona virus, Ebola and all the infectious diseases.
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Muhammad bin Ali Alhayaza, has issued a ministerial resolution moving the Command and Control Center from Jeddah to the Ministry's Headquarters, and reforming membership of the Center to be headed by the Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, with a number of advisors and assistant deputies, general directors and MOH consultant physicians as members.
As per the new resolution, the center will undertake continuous control of all infectious diseases and  the early preparation for the protection against them, as well as  monitoring and following up statements on the diseases and providing response and coordination for the rapid intervention to control these diseases upon their occurrence and to eliminate them before their outbreak. The decision included also initiating a command and control center at each health affairs directorate under the chairmanship of the health affairs director and to be managed directly by the central Command and Control Center in the MOH Headquarter.
The resolution included also extending thanks and appreciation to Dr. Anees Sindi, and accept his apology for not continuing to work as Deputy Commander of the CCC upon his request for personal reasons.
The resolution is based on the recommendations received from the Command and Control Center and the MOH’s Agency for Public Health, and within the keenness of the Ministry to activate the center so as to work side by side with the related ministry agencies and departments and to assure continuation of its work, and as part of the planned transition since the establishment of the center. In its new location, the center is going to consolidate its fruitful efforts by opening more consultation and cooperation efforts with the related health institutions and commission inside and outside the Ministry.
Additionally, the resolution also comes in continuation of the efforts exerted by the Ministry to combat Corona virus and Ebola and confronting the health challenges by adopting a comprehensive and systematic approach and within its quest to establish and support all factors which insure facilitating the missions of the center and achieving its set goals.   
It's worth noting here that the MOH's Command and Control Center includes physicians, scientists, researchers and healthcare and planning experts for the emergency cases.
It should be noted, besides, that the Medical Advisory Board, headed by Prof. Tariq Ahmed Madani, is still keeping its effective role from Jeddah as it includes a constellation of local and international senior consultants, experts and researchers in the field of healthcare and control of epidemics. 

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