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Minister of Health Conducts Inspection Tour through Riyadh’s Health Facilities
29 December 2014
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Muhammad Alhayaza, has conducted today (Monday) an inspection tour through a number of health facilities in Riyadh including Al-Naqaha (convalescence) Hospital, Al-Eiman Hospital and Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Hospital, where he met with patients and got reassured on the progress of the services provided to them. 
He confirmed to all employees that the role of the Ministry of Health (MOH) is to provide all health and treatment services to the patients at the best level and highest quality, as well as supporting hospitals with all their needs and requirements; that is envisioned to contribute to gaining patients’ satisfaction.
The Minister said, "Our colleagues who work in the hospitals are exerting great efforts to best serve patients. And I would like to urge them to exert more efforts." He pointed out that the main objective of his visit is to get acquainted with the patient's needs which are the main concern of the MOH, and how we can contribute together to developing the service that meets their needs.   
Dr. Alhayaza was keen to meet with patients and visitors and ask them to what extent they are satisfied with the services they receive, particularly the patients at Al-Naqaha Hospital. And he didn’t mind taking memorial photos with them. 
He also visited the ward dedicated for patients suffering from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), as well as the isolation rooms and intensive care units. Further, he was briefed on the services offered by Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Hospital and its modern medical devices and equipment; which makes it a state-of-the-art model for the MOH's hospitals. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology, as well as number of beds, especially in the ICU and emergency, concordant with the international standards adopted by the MOH for the aim of achieving the satisfaction, safety and security of the Saudi citizen.
His tour included a number of departments, mainly the ICU, observation rooms and pharmacy as well as the laboratory, radiology and operations section, rooms equipped with digital systems, rooms of one-day surgery and emergency operations rooms.
The radiology and laboratory section contains the latest and best equipment Kingdom-wide, and conducts all kinds of  medical tests, CT scan, magnetic resonance, ultrasound and mammography , in addition to integrated sections of supportive services which provide supportive services to all MOH's centers and hospitals.  
Likewise, Dr. Alhayaza also conducted an inspection tour through Al-Eiman Hospital, where he visited the hospital's departments, and got briefed on the latest developments and achievements. He also met with the administrative and medical staff, and listened to their views and requests, and urged the workers in the two hospitals to exert more efforts for serving the patients, reaffirming his permanent keenness to provide the ideal health services for all.  
He, furthermore, visited a number of patients in the hospital and gave them bouquet of roses and listened to their needs and requests, and promised that such needs will be considered and, where applicable, met.
After that, he watched a presentation about the hospital and under-construction projects such as the 200-bed capacity emergency tower which includes a number of departments, clinics and inpatient rooms. 
He listened to an elaborate account of the status quo of the hospital and its achievements and the challenges it faces; provided that Al-Eiman Hospital receives as many emergency cases as 23.000 per month, and that it is fully self-operated and is one of the reference hospitals.
The Minister concluded his tour with a visit to Al-Naqaha Hospital, located on Alkharj Road, where he toured through the old and new buildings, as well as the physiotherapy room and the new emergency building. He attended a presentation on the hospital's sections and their services to the patients and then he visited an exhibition on the services and departments of the hospital.
 He then visited a number of patients and listened to their requests and needs, promising them to overcome all obstacles very soon, Allah willing.
Concluding his tour, Dr. Muhammad Alhayaza lauded the efforts exerted by those in charge of the hospitals and urged them to double their efforts to provide medical care to the beneficiaries so as to gain their satisfaction and maintain their health and safety, and improve the services provided to them.

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