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A Training Workshop on Insulin Pump Launched for Diabetes Centers’ Staff
30 November 2014
In Riyadh, Sunday morning, the second workshop for training the staff of the diabetes units and centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the use of insulin pump was launched. It is meant for the diabetics suffering from diabetes type 1 and 2, fully depending on the insulin for treating. The five-day workshop is implemented by the Diabetes Units and Centers Department, under the MOH Hospitals General Department. It is to last for five days. 
On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi, Director of Diabetes Units and Centers, pertaining to the MOH Hospitals General Department, pointed out that the MOH is fully interested in qualifying MOH-accredited medical teams using insulin pumps for treatment at this second workshop organized by the MOH. This comes as a consequence of the great success that the first workshop got to accomplish, during which 12 medical teams were trained. The second round is envisioned to train 15 new medical teams. This brings the total of those trained at the first and second workshops up to 27 ones.
Similarly, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi added that the goal of these workshops centers on qualifying MOH-accredited medical teams treating by the new insulin pump, piloted in a number of accredited diabetes centers across the entire regions. This comes as an initial step meant for having it applied to the entire specialized diabetes treating centers across the Kingdom’s regions. He also noted that the second workshop is to contribute to qualifying over 15 teams trained on treating by the insulin pump. It is to be followed by other training workshops for the rest of the teams; with the aim of having this technology applied in the entire regions. 
Within the same vein, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi remarked that this workshop comes within the framework of the efforts exerted by the MOH for improving the quality of performance and training on the latest of the medical means and methods. This in turn brings benefit to the kind of health services delivered for patients. He went on noting that the MOH provide all the modern equipment and workforce necessary for bringing about quantum leap in the field of diabetics’ service. Further, it is meant for achieving highest satisfaction degrees of the segment benefiting from these services across all the Kingdom’s regions.
In a similar fashion, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi made clear that out of the MOH’s keenness to deliver the healthcare of the chronic diseases patients, and due to the increasing numbers of all type diabetics, it adopted the plan of establishing specialized centers for providing care for the diabetics across the Kingdom’s regions. 

Still, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi, the Consultant in endocrine gland and child diabetes, underlined that the insulin pump is a small mobile-sized device planted under the skin. It pumps the insulin to the diabetic in an automatically-programmed way via a plastic tube. 
Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi added that the new insulin pump has many benefits and characteristics. The most outstanding of which is avoiding the daily needle injecting, which helps relieve the patient’s suffering. The under-the-skin implanted needle can be changed every three days. Also, the pump proved effective in treating the recurring and permanent diabetes fluctuation. And, its use reduces, or may discontinue, the diabetes lowering cases, one of the worst complications that the diabetic experiences due to the insulin dose increase and eating shortage. In addition to this, it gives the diabetic full freedom in terms of eating and moving from place to another. Similarly, the correct use for the pump helps the diabetic avoid many of the diabetes chronic complications, such as retinopathy, kidney diseases and diabetic foot, among others. 

All the more, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi underscored that the insulin pump technology requires many requirements that the service provider and its recipient must have; in order to achieve the intended result. The service provider should be made up of a medical team trained on the using of the pump, headed by a consultant in endocrine gland and child diabetes. It is also required that the device and the treating medical team are within reach and accessible. Further, it is entailed that the diabetic is convinced with the benefit of the device in terms of mitigating their suffering. And, they should be punctual and conduct the necessary medical examinations, as well as adhering to the diet set by the medical team, which is appropriate for treating with the pump. They should also learn how to calculate the amount of carbohydrates in food as it is significant in terms of determining the proper intake to be eaten.
It is mentionable that the medical team is made up of consultant in endocrine gland and child and adult diabetes, trained and highly seasoned diabetes educator and therapeutic nutrition specialist. In addition to this, a medical team from the brotherly United Arab of Emirates (UAE) takes part in the workshop.


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