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07 November 2014
Taif – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 7 November 2014: The Ministry of Health has launched a new public information campaign in Taif in response to the recent spike in new cases of MERS-CoV in the region.
Medical professionals will be made available at public locations with the aim of educating citizens on the need to avoid unprotected contact with camels because of the risk of infection with MERS-CoV, underlining the crucial role of the community in preventing the spread of the disease in the Kingdom.
There have been 38 MERS-CoV cases reported in the Kingdom since 5 September. Nearly one-third of the patients reported close contact with camels before their infection.
The campaign will invite citizens to educate themselves by speaking to medical professionals and collect educational materials, which convey the need to:
  • Avoid contact with camels, especially if they are sick, and their body fluids secretions.
  •  If you must be in contact with camels, wear a disposable mask over your mouth and nose, gloves, and a protective medical gown.
  •  Boil fresh camel milk, if not pasteurized.
  • Cook camel meat (including liver) well before consumption.
The Ministry will have a stand available at Qalb Taif Mall until 15 November. Materials distributed, which can be found on the Ministry’s website, also explain signs and symptoms as well as precautionary protective measures one can take.
For more information about ways to prevent MERS-CoV, please contact the (937) infectious disease hotline or visit  the Command and Control Center's (CCC) website.

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