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MOH Launches Seasonal Flue Vaccination Campaign Throughout the Kingdom
04 November 2014
As part of the preventive procedures launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and within the framework of its efforts to maintain the health and safety of all members of the community, the Ministry intends to launch its Seasonal Flue Vaccination Campaign throughout the Kingdom. Vaccination will be provided for the categories highly prone to developing the complications of this serious flue in case of infection. Such categories include staff of the health sector, pregnant women, and patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases, as well as patients with thoracic diseases.
The Advisor to the Minister of Health and Supervisor General of the Relations, Media and Health Awareness, Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Marghalani, has pointed out that this flu vaccination campaign will be launched through some locations available inside the MOH hospitals and health facilities. It will be accompanied by a health awareness campaign for all members of the community, to keep them abreast of the updates of the disease and ways of protection against it.

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