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Minister of Health Modifies Working Hours at Healthcare Centers across the Kingdom's Regions
26 October 2014
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced today a decision by His Excellency the Acting Health Minister, Eng. Adel bin Mohamed Faqih, to modify working hours at health care centers throughout the Kingdom's regions. The decision shall take effect as of 1st Safar 1436H (corresponding to 24th November, 2014).
As per the MOH's said circular, the one-shift system will be applied at all health centers across the Kingdom: from 7:30am to 4:30pm, and from Sunday to Thursday. According to the operational requirements of the facility, though, this starting time may be delayed for up to 30 minutes, and be compensated at the end of the day. Workers will have one break-hour a day. Thus, the total number of working hours for medical staff shall be 176 hours monthly, at a rate of 8 hours a day, from Sunday to Thursday, to be added to one weekly on-call 8-hour shift, thereby bringing the total number of working hours per month to 208. Working hours for non-medical staff, on the other hand, is calculated in accordance with the Civil Service Law.
The decision stipulated, besides, that at least one proper health center in each sector of the large urban cities shall be assigned arrange shifting, meanwhile making sure not to exceed the stated daily 8-hour shift, from Sunday to Thursday, for each employee. In smaller cities and villages with only one health center, doctors and technicians shall divide their time according to a preset schedule. In one-doctor centers, the doctor shall remain on-call during off hours. All directors of health affairs must apply the on-call system on doctors and consultants, with a total number of monthly working hours of 176 hours, at a rate of 8 hours per day, in addition to being available on an on-call basis for up to ten days per month as needed. On-call employees shall be paid overtime at a rate of one-hour-payment for each waiting hour, and double-payment for each hour if summoned to work.
In addition, the decision stipulates the assignment of an emergency center every week in each of the Kingdom's regions to provide healthcare support for 48 hours, covering Friday and Saturday. Coupled with this, citizens of each region shall be informed of the assigned center. Each employee in the region will have to work for one shift per month in the emergency center. So far this shift is concerned, employees shall be paid overtime for each actual working hour in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
It is noteworthy, these amendments announced by the Acting Minister of Health, Eng. Adel Faqih, draw upon the recommendations put forth by a work team assigned to look into working hours at MOH health utilities.
The MOH, it should be noted, has published the complete circular through its staff internal communication website, and its official website:, as well as its page on Facebook:, in addition to its account on Twitter:




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