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World Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month under Theme "Reassure Us about You"
16 October 2014
Under the theme "Reassure Us about You", the world celebrates in October of each year the breast cancer awareness month, especially given that the breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the world. To date, it is the most common cancer among women, affecting about 1.670.000 new cases diagnosed in 2012 (25% of cancer cases) with an age-standardized rate of (ASR) of 43.3/100000 population.
In a report issued by the MOH's National Center for Media and Health Awareness, breast cancer ranks the fifth cause of cancer death in general (522.000 deaths). However, it is the most common cause of death among women in the least developed countries (324.000 deaths, amounting to 14.3% of the total death toll) and the second cause of cancer death in the most developed countries (198,000 deaths - 15.4%), the first being lung cancer.
The report showed that the breast cancer is considered the first cancer among women in Saudi Arabia, where the number of cases reached 1.308 in 2009 as per the latest Saudi oncology census, representing 25% of other types of cancer in women, with an age-standardized rate (ASR) of 22.7/100000 women. The average age of the onset of breast cancer is 48 years old.
The report also pointed out that the objectives and messages of the breast cancer awareness month 2014 are to boost awareness about the causes of breast cancer and ways of prevention, as well as awareness about how to early detect the disease by performing breast self-examination. It is also aimed to uphold awareness about the importance of performing the early examinations such as the mammogram test to detect the abnormal changes in ladies.
The report mentioned that the breast cancer is one of the most common malignant types resulting from abnormal growth of breast cells and is considered one of the most common types of tumors affecting ladies of different ages. The support given to the breast cancer awareness campaigns and research funding have helped to improve the speed of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, leading to increased rate of survival and decreased volume of mortality, thanks to Allah firstly and then to the early examination of the breast as well as the new treatments. 
On other hand, the report shed light on the ways to treat breast cancer. According to the report, the doctor is the one to determine the type of treatment as per the breast cancer type, stage and whether the cancerous cells are sensitive to hormone or not. Additionally, treatment varies according to the patient's overall health, pointing out that there are the surgical intervention to get rid of the tumor, chemotherapy, chemical drugs to kill the cancerous cells, radiotherapy treatment using high-energy rays such as x-ray, and hormone therapy. 
As regards the main ways of prevention of breast cancer, the report highlighted the importance of conducting the periodic medical examination to detect the breast cancer such as: clinical breast test, mammogram and x-rays, and breast self-examination which does not prevent breast cancer but may help you realize the changes in the breast and identify any abnormal signs. That is to be added to regular exercise, seven days a week, for 30 minutes a day, avoiding taking hormone therapy after menopause without consulting your doctor, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding fat in food and the pressure of the daily life by practicing favorite hobbies and reading the Quran.

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