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Dr. Abu-Habsha: Field Inspection Tours to Ensure Readiness of Holy Sites' Health Facilities
04 October 2014
The chairman of the MOH's Follow-up and Internal Auditing Committee for this year's Hajj season, Dr. Mohammed bin Jamaan Abu-Habsha, stressed that the Committee has carried out many field inspection tours to ensure the readiness of health facilities to receive diseased pilgrims. They aim also to pinpoint pros and cons, to boost the former and address the latter. He indicated that the Committee coordinates with the relevant authorities to provide them with the copies of manpower program, MOH's plan, as well as the contracts of medical and non-medical maintenance, cleanliness and nutrition.
Dr. Abu-Habsha underscored that the Committee also prepared a work plan for monitoring administrative and technical works, so as to avoid infringements, and to ensure the safe enforcement of laws and regulations during the Hajj season, as well as making sure the work proceeds without any constraints; that is to be added to ensuring that employees perform their assigned works. In addition, the Follow-up Committee has reviewed the contracts of maintenance, equipping, cleanliness and nutrition, and checked the readiness of health facilities in the Holy Sites and the application of the approved specifications.
Moreover, Dr. Abu-Habsha highlighted that 6 sub-committees have been formed to follow up and review the administrative work and to control the working hours of staff. That is to be added to the Nutrition Committee, the Audit Committee, the Engineers Committee, and the Investigation Committee, which were formed to implement the plan and tasks submitted by the Follow-up and Internal Auditing Committee, represented in coordination with the other regulatory authorities participating in the Hajj season.
The above-mentioned Committees target also unifying visions regarding complains and their follow-up, controlling working hours in the health centers, checking the level of cleanliness in all health facilities concerned with Hajj, and following up the maintenance of the medical and non-medical devices, aside from conducting the necessary repairing for broken-down devices.
Besides, the Committees aim at ensuring the readiness of all systems in hospitals and health centers to work, follow up the works of contractors assigned to provided rations for patients and staff, and check the housing of workers, as well as the warehouses, supply routes, vehicles and transportation. The Committees also follow up procedures of safety and security and the means of communication; that is to be added to the ways of disposing of medical and non-medical wastes; in addition to appointing a coordinator for the Committee to coordinate with the relevant regulatory authorities. The coordinator will play as basic source for the sent and received information in line with the ministry's aspirations.
Dr. Abu-Habsha finally mentioned that the Follow-up and Internal Auditing Committee will prepare at the end of the Hajj season the final report on its performance and it will submit the report to the Acting Minister of Health, Eng. Adel Bin Mohammed Faqih; in an endeavor to develop and improve the performance and plans put forward for the Hajj season of the next year, Allah willing.

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