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Faqih: We Should Sense the Magnitude of Hajj’s Time and Place When Serving Pilgrims
04 October 2014
His Excellency the Acting Minister of Health, Adel bin Mohamed Faqih, has greeted the Ministry of Health (MOH) employees working in the Hajj sites on Eid Al-Adha. This came during a meeting that was held yesterday (Saturday) at Mina Emergency Hospital. The Vices Minister of Health, Dr. Mansour bin Naser Al-Howasi and Dr. Mohamed bin Hamzah Khushaim, attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Eng. Faqih said, “The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, May Allah protect him, has asked me to convey his thanks and appreciations to the MOH employees for their strenuous efforts to serve the pilgrims this year.” He further added, “In this regard, I would like to thank His Majesty for his ongoing support for us.”
“I and my colleagues promise King Abdullah to bear the responsibility assigned to us,” reiterated the minister, expressing his happiness for serving the pilgrims in this year’s Hajj season. He also stressed the need for sensing the magnitude of Hajj’s time and place when providing medical services for Hajj performers.
In a speech on this occasion, the minister said, “It is a pleasure for me to be with you on the first day of Eid Al-Adha and we would like to pay tribute to our Almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity to be here in this Holy place, time and situation, i.e. the service of this blessed category [pilgrims] who were chosen by Allah to perform this pillar of Islam in this year.”
In the same vein, Eng. Faqih prayed for our Almighty Allah to help him and other MOH colleagues to assume their assigned role in the best manner, noting that many people wish to be near the Holy Sites. “However, we are not only existent here but we also reap rewards for serving the pilgrims,” said the minister, stressing that since thanks should be extended to Our Lord for this grace.
In addition, the minister called upon the health workers to offer the medical services in a friendly way so that the patient can feel a difference in the quality of rendered services. He added that the MOH does its best to cure the patients through providing advanced medical devices, training courses and highly-qualified cadres. “However, we should admit that only Allah can offer cure for patients,” Eng. Faqih said, stressing, “Our mission, however, is to offer medical services in a friendly and satisfactory way as we were honored with this mission.”
Addressing his colleagues at the Hajj sites, Eng. Faqih said, “I am the less experienced person among you in this field and this is the first year for me to be here as many of you have previous experiences in this domain and participated in the past years’ Hajj seasons. That’s why; I pray for our Almighty Allah to accept our deeds and help us learn from each other.” Dr. Faqih also wished to participate in the coming year’s Hajj season, calling upon our Almighty Allah to provide pilgrims with health like the past years without any epidemic diseases to be reported. In conclusion, Eng. Faqih wished happy Eid for everybody.

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