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The MOH Helps 345 Pilgrims Ascend the Mount Arafat
03 October 2014
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has helped 345 pilgrims submitted to the hospitals of the Holy Capital (Makkah), the Holy Sites and Madinah to ascend the Mount Arafat, in order to enable them to stand on it. Similarly, the number of those ascended from the Makkah hospitals reached up to 218 patients, and 90 ones from the Holy Sites’ hospitals. They have been ascended by self-contained fleet of equipped buses and ambulances. Also, 37 patients from the Madinah hospitals have been ascended by 37 ambulances.
Still, the MOH pointed out that, as usual, every year, it prepares a medical convoy including a big fleet of buses, staffed by physicians and nurses. This aims at enabling the ill Hajj performer to perform the Hajj rituals amid fully fledged medical and therapeutic care. They are accompanied by a number of ambulances equipped with the latest medical, therapeutic, medicinal and nutritional devices; and staffed by specialized physicians.
Meanwhile, the MOH briefed that this come as part of its efforts meant for enabling the inpatient Hajj performers to perform their rituals and move around the Holy Sites. Every year, the MOH delivers many services to the Hajj performers, whether health services or other ones.
These services include providing medical convoys made up of buses supported by medical crews and devices.  All of these are meant for helping the inpatient Hajj performers ascend to the Mount of Arafat, and completing their Hajj rituals. To that end, the ambulances necessary for transporting the Hajj performers from the King Fahad Hospital in Madianh and Makkah hospitals to the Holy Sites have been provided in coordination with the bodies concerned. In addition to this, a specialized nurse has been assigned for each patient. And, the convoy is accompanied by a number of those working in the MOH, tasked with completing the ill Hajj performers’ rituals in terms of stoning of the jamaraat. 
For his part, Youssef Ibrahim Al-Shamlan, the eye consultant, made clear that this convoy sets out annually in the Hajj season; with the aim of transporting the ill Hajj performers from Mina to the Mount of Arafat, serving them , helping them stand on the Mount of Arafat, performing their Hajj rituals and having them return again to Mina.
Still, Dr Youssef Zaid, the internal medicine specialist, said “this convoy has a highly noble aim as it enables the ill Hajj performer to stand on the Mount of Arafat. It is principal Hajj pillar, in which the prophet (PBUH) says “to Perform the Hajj rituals is to stand on the Mount of Arafat”. Also, it helps the Hajj performer stand on the Mount of Arafat, in spite of their illness. They are accompanied by full medical crew: a physician and a nurse, to the point of medically intervening if need be.
In a similar fashion, Dr. Salah Atta, cardiac specialist, said “this convoy stands noble service delivered by the MOH to the ill Hajj performers, for enabling them to perform the Hajj rituals. Still, the medical team accompanying the sick Hajj performers from Mina to Arafat and coming back to Mina again is meant for attending to the ill Hajj performer until they complete their Hajj rituals in the best health conditions.”   
Further, Dr Iman Ashqar spoke about a critical case for an Indian Hajj performer, 55, saying “this Indian Hajj performer, hypertension and diabetes patient,   has experienced shortness of breath, and he is likely to have angina pectoris. It turned out that he suffers from pneumonitis.
He received all the preventive ways in order for the infection not to spread, and his health condition is currently stable. She went on adding that he also suffers from kidney failure, and he has gone through dialysis session on the Day of Tarwiya. And, on the Day of Arafat another session will be conducted to him.
Within the same vein, the ill Hajj performers has extended their thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, May Allah protect him, for his interest in serving the Two Holy Mosques and the Hajj performers worldwide. They also thanked the MOH for this noble service enabling the ill Hajj performers to complete their rituals.
Still, an ill Egyptian Hajj performer called Hassan Ai said “I have had high temperature associate with swelling in the legs. I went to the Emergency Mina Hospital on the Day of Tarwiya, and received a full medical service, May Allah be praised. I am at loss for words expressing my thanks and gratefulness to King Abdullah for attending to and serving the Hajj performers.” 
Similarly, other ill Hajj performers, called El-Sayed Omar Ahmed Al-Aidrous and Mohammed Abulsamai’a, accompanying Hassan Ali, extended their deepest thanks to the Kingdom’s government and the MOH which provided this convoy in order for the Hajj performers to perform their Hajj rituals. 
It is mentionable that every year, the MOH prepares a medical convoy for having the patients detained in the hospitals ascend to the Mount of Arafat. They are transported from the hospitals of the Holy Sites, Mina, Madinah and Jeddah accompanied by self-contained medical crew. On average, from 300 to 400 Hajj performers perform the Hajj rituals annually.

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