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Mina's Health Utilities Ready to Receive Pilgrims during the 'Tashriq Days'
04 October 2014
The MOH hospitals in Mina, along the Jamaraat Bridge and the Walkway have become fully ready to provide therapeutic and preventive health services on the Immolation Day, as well as the three days following it (Tashriq Days). These services are provided through four hospitals, highly equipped with the state-of-the-art medical and lab appliances. Also, they have been provided with the medical, technical and administrative calibers qualified enough to offer best-quality health services to the 'guests of Allah' (pilgrims). That is to be added to 28 health centers spread throughout Mina, and 17 health centers disseminated along the Jamaraat Bridge. They all are ready to provide on-site treatment for patients until their case gets settled or transported to the nearest hospital.
These health utilities are supported by 155 highly equipped ambulances offering global level of ambulatory services. Of these ambulances, there are 100 ones, serving as mobile ICUs, equipped with the necessary appliances, and staffed with qualified medical crews capable of overtaking the staff assigned to them; in addition to 55 large ambulances.
Mina Emergency Hospital
It is reckoned the first and foremost supply for Mina hospitals, and given its excellent location, it is the most visited hospital. With its 214 bed-capacity, the hospital encompasses all health specialties, such as: cardiology, orthopedics, chest, ear, nose and throat (ENT), in addition to intensive care, lab, radiology and pharmacy. The ground floor of the hospital is allocated for emergency sections, collectively accommodating 24 beds, including the exam rooms, the cardiac monitoring section, and a section for treating sunstrokes (12 beds for males, and 12 for females). The first floor accommodates 42 beds, including 28 intensive-care (IC) beds, in addition to 2 delivery rooms, 3 operations and endoscopy rooms, and recovery rooms. The third floor is allocated for inpatient clinics, and accommodates 90 clinical beds. The hospital is staffed with 630 calibers (consultants, specialists, technicians and administrative staff). They all spared no time during the Hajj season, and enthusiastically shouldered their tasks in the hospital which works around the clock (24/7). Furthermore, the Air Ambulance Service will be launched at the hospital for the first time during this year's Hajj season. An airstrip has been prepared to receive the Red Crescent airplanes, and in their reception will be a medical crew specialized in addressing ambulatory cases. Over and above, a new service has been introduced; it is a service to early detect infectious cases by means of the courier-transported specimens.
Mina al-Jesr Hospital
It is a 150-bed-capacity hospital, staffed with 400 calibers (physicians, nurses, technicians and administrative staffers). It encompasses numerous sections of various specialties. As for the inpatient sections, they are divided to internal-medicine sections (pertinent to the internal medicine division) and surgery sections (pertinent to the surgery division), including both orthopedics and general surgery. Besides, there are 36 IC beds, and 3 isolation beds equipped to address isolation cases, and also equipped with biomarkers monitoring devices and respirators. Further, 4 dialysis chairs have been equipped with new devices. Additionally, there are 16 emergency beds, besides 6 highly equipped cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices. Over and above, 16 fans have been ensured, to address cases suffering heat exhaustion and sunstrokes. Also, the hospital a small operation theatre for emergency surgeries, and a large one for critical surgeries.
Mina al-Share' al-Jadeed
This hospital accommodates 14 IC beds, as well as 2 IC beds for negative-pressure medical isolation, 2 health exhaustion beds to address cases with sunstrokes, 18 emergency beds, and 34 inpatient beds (males/females). That is to be added to 13 outpatient clinics (for treatment and bandage), and 4 modern dialysis devices. In addition, there is a fully equipped endoscopy section, not to forget the ultrasound and normal radiology devices for imaging emergency and inpatient cases. The hospital is staffed with over 350 calibers (physicians, technicians and administrative staffers).
Mina al-Wadi Hospital
With its 168-bed-capacity, the hospital has 118 basic beds and 50 additional beds. Of these, there are 20 female IC beds, 28 male inpatient beds, 28 female inpatient beds, 10 cardiac IC beds, 8 cardiac care beds, 4 intermediate care beds, and 2 cardiopulmonary resuscitation beds.

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