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30 September 2014
118 kidney dialysis, 26 cardiac catheterizations procedures, 1 open heart surgery and 3 binocular operations were carried out by the Ministry of Health on pilgrims on September 28 as part of the Ministry of Health’s continued efforts to provide quality health services to pilgrims of the Holy Mosque.

21340 Hajj pilgrims visited health facilities for medical reasons in both Makkah and Madinah on September 28. 6249 patients were provided with medical treatment in hospitals, while 15091 patients were provided with primary care from health centers.
The Ministry stated that hospital out-patient clinics provided services to 4024 patients while 2225 patients benefited from ambulance services.120 patients were admitted to health facilities in Makkah and Madinah, while 92 patients were discharged.
In preparation for this year’s Hajj season, MoH prepared 25 hospitals to receive pilgrims. 4 hospitals are located in Arafat, 4 in Mina, 7 in Makkah, and 9 in Madinah alongside King Abdullah Medical City. These hospitals have a capacity of 5250 beds; 4200 beds in specialized wards, 500 beds in Intensive Care Units and 550 beds in Emergency Rooms.
The MOH is also running 141 permanent and seasonal health centers at Hajj locations. There are 43 health centers in Makkah itself and 80 health centers in the Holy Places (46 in Arafat, 6 in Mozdalifah, 1 in Jamarat Bridge, and 28 in Mina). Madinah has 18 emergency health centers along with another 17 in Jamarat Bridge and 3 advanced emergency centers in the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

In addition to these hospitals and health centers allocated across the Holy sites, MoH has added 18 medical locations near the train station and 6 medical locations in each of Arafat, Mozdalifah, and Mina, along with 100 small ambulances and 80 large ambulances equipped with the latest medical equipment.

This effort is part of the Ministry’s response to its holy duty to maintain and protect the health of pilgrims and citizens and residents of KSA.

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