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Al-Noor Specialist Hospital in Makkah Shows Continuous Readiness for the Hajj Season
28 September 2014
​Al-Noor Specialist Hospital in Makkah continues providing health services for the pilgrims during this year's Hajj season. The Director of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Dr. Mohammed bin Omer Ba-Faraj, has explained that the preparations of the hospital for this year’s Hajj season started at an early time with the development of the Hajj's plan and the emergency plan at the end of the 1434H's Hajj season. These preparations included renovating and upgrading the emergency unit which is considered a model for the emergency units of Makkah hospitals and a turning point in the health sector.
“This comes in implementation of the e-transformation programs and policies pursued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in all its facilities,” said Dr. Ba-Faraj, adding that the electronic information system of the emergency unit was updated by replacing the paperwork system with the e-system, starting from the registration of information relevant to clinical evaluation, treatment plan and medical consultations coming from the other sections; that’s to be added entering and receiving all tests from the laboratory or the X-ray section through the system.
He added that all these pieces of information are documented on an electronic barcode bracelet, which is worn around the patient’s wrist during his presence in the section up to his exit, hospitalization or transfer to other internal sections, thus contributing to the acceleration of the pace of healthcare provided for the emergency cases by saving time, shortening treatment stages and complying with the international standards.
In the same vein, Dr. Ba-Faraj noted that the emergency unit includes 73 beds which are digitally-equipped and provided with the latest medical devices. In addition, the monitoring, artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices were renovated.
“The hospital has established also a 12-bed room inside the emergency unit for the treatment of patients with injuries and wounds; that’s to be added to another 10-bed room for the hospitalized patients waiting to be moved to the other internal sections,” said Dr. Ba-Faraj, adding that the room is equipped exactly like the other sections; in order to prevent the deterioration of the health status of the inpatient in case of delay. The emergency unit has been connected with the hospital's aerial carrier network. In addition, the emergency cases were separated from the non-critical cases to receive speedy medical services.
Meanwhile, Dr. Ba-Faraj said that the medical and nursing staff conducted simulation of emergency operations and events to be organized during the Hajj season, including simulation of an evacuation process at the hospital with the participation of various relevant authorities. He noted that this comes as part of the hospital’s endeavors to boost workers’ ability to deal with the crises, stand on their awareness of their role in the internal and external emergency plans and assess efficiency and interaction of all departments and sections in dealing with the different incidents in a unique and effective manner. He added that the participation of the air ambulance in the simulation process came to check readiness of the hospital’s airstrip.
Within the same vein, Dr. Ba-Faraj said that the X-ray section has been provided with three devices of Tesla Skyra MRI scanner, which is reckoned one of the most advanced devices in the world and the first of its kind at the level of MOH hospitals in Makkah region. He added that the weight of the device is about 7.5 tons and it contains a table which can carry a patient of weight up to 250 kg. Besides, the device provides magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services for patients with claustrophobia in a speedy and accurate manner, thus contributing to reducing long waiting times; that’s to be added to conducting all general and accurate examinations with high quality that helps get accurate diagnosis.
“The X-ray section is also provided with Gamma Camera and CT scanner of high speed up to 256 slices per second,” according to Dr. Ba-Faraj. He added that all these devices are using the BAX system and all the tests are carried out using the latest digital technologies, whatever the body part.
“Likewise, the operation section also witnessed complete renovation as it was designed according to the latest international technologies,” said Dr. Ba-Faraj, adding that the section can easily communicate with the international centers specialized in the large and complex surgeries, making use of its digital system, which is characterized by its ability to connect with the satellite and internet.
Furthermore, Dr. Ba-Faraj underscored that the hospital has established a pavilion for the patients, whose health status witness improvement, on an area of 750 square meters with a capacity of 30 beds, in addition to an isolation area with a capacity of 14 beds. Besides, the pavilion's surface was isolated using antenna and aqueous insulators, while its sides were isolated using thermal panels provided with windows for ventilation. “The pavilion was also provided with bathrooms as well as fire alarm and sound networks,” said Dr. Ba-Faraj, pointing out that the air-conditioning system was completely renovated. In addition, the pavilion was also provided with offices for services and nursing.  Also, the hospital has allocated locations for Tawafa (pilgrim guide) Establishments delegates to help patients get out of the hospital easily.
Regarding the annual Hajj convoy, Dr. Ba-Faraj said that the MOH has prepared a medical convoy to enable the inpatients to ascend Arafat and bring them back to the hospital, given that an integrated medical team including physician, nurses, technicians and administrative staff will accompany the patient pilgrims in their trip to the mountain on Dhul Hijja 9th.

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