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Minister of Health's Speech on the Saudi National Day (1435H)
21 September 2014
Today, as the sun shines down on our blessed land, our country and our people are in a position to celebrate this day of glory which commemorates the founding and unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It is such a unity that has been – and still is – providing a role model for loyalty, faithfulness and belonging. Not surprisingly, then, this country remains, as Allah has intended it to be, a place to which people's hearts are inextricably bound; a place which draws its might and sturdiness from the omnipotence of Allah Almighty, and from the stoutness of its people, and the wisdom of its leadership. 

It is a day to remember, with all pride and admiration, the glories of foundation. And equally important, it is a day to reflect upon the development process which the Kingdom went through, under the leadership of the Founding Leader, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, may Allah bless his soul, meanwhile aided the impressive cohesiveness of his people. As such, the Kingdom was able to best address the circumstances, and overcome the hardships, with the effect that it got to carve a niche for itself on the international arena in a rather short period of time, compared to age of nations and peoples.

With the grace of Allah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its founding, has witnessed substantial developmental strides and civilizational achievements that served to embody its unabated quest for building the citizen, proceeding from a staunch belief that citizen-building is the first and foremost pillar for state-building. These are such precious gains that we need to spare no effort to maintain them for the benefit of the current and future generations, so that they could reap the fruit of the loyal sons of this nation.

Still, the ambitious plans adopted by our government, under the prudent guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and His Royal Highness the Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, seek to accomplish a greater level of development for the country, and higher standard of prosperity for the citizen. In this spirit, significant allocations are directed to creating an environment that best fits growth, development and prosperity. 

Proceeding from their keen interest in the citizen's health and safety, and as part of a comprehensive vision developed by the Rulers, aiming at maintaining a bright future for our dear country, the health services, being of pivotal significance, have been attached special importance and support by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Such enormous interest makes the Ministry of Health (MOH) accountable to both the people and the leadership, and places an extraordinary responsibility upon its shoulders; it is a solemn duty the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques assigned to us.

It is worth mentioning, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, as well as the Crown Prince and the Deputy Crown Prince, have set a close eye on the efforts recently exerted by the MOH to control the outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The Ministry has reviewed the infection control measures at all health utilities, and made sure that all health professionals adhere to the internationally approved precautions and preventive measures to address viral infection. This goes hand in hand with a comprehensive training and educational plan adopted by the Ministry in all health facilities across the Kingdom; which proved to be a significant contribution to curbing infection. 

Within the same vein, the Command and Control Center with was established with a view to raising the alert level in the face of potential health emergency, as well as bolstering the health services offered in the Kingdom in general. The center is projected, Allah willing, to enhance the Ministry's capability of taking proactive, highly-responsive measures against threats affecting public health in KSA. These objectives are to be attained by early detection of such threats, and consolidating efforts with the competent authorities; both domestically and internationally. Developed in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Command and Control Center encompasses the MOH Agency for Infection Control and Prevention Centers, along with a constellation of physicians, scholars, and experts in health care and emergency planning.

Meanwhile, the MOH continues to unstintingly work, intensify efforts, and coordinate with the competent healthcare experts from within and without the Ministry. In so doing, it aims at consolidating the scientific and practical efforts in this area, thus protecting Saudi citizens, residents and guests, as well as offering best-quality health services, living up to the inspirations and directions of the prudent Leadership, who has been (and will always be) keen to generously offer all that is necessary for protecting citizens' health, and boosting the services provided to them.

In conclusion, I pray for Allah Almighty to perpetuate the grace of safety in our dear Kingdom, and to confer health and prosperity upon its people. May Allah guide the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and His Royal Highness the Deputy Crown Prince to all that pleases Him.


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