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For the Second Consecutive Week, the Information Center Holds Interviews with a Number of Physicians
19 September 2014
In its quest for providing the public with a widest range of intensified educational and guiding health messages; in order for the Hajj performers benefit from them properly before setting out for the Hajj, the Media and Health Awareness National Center of the Minister of Health (MOH) continues its educational activity for the second consecutive week by giving rise to the service: “Pilgrims' Health is our Concern”, which is provided to the Hajj performers for the eleventh consecutive year.  Such a service is provided via the toll-free telephone number: 8002494444, and the MOH Twitter account: @saudimoh. A constellation of consultants and specialists of different medical specialties in the Kingdom are to be hosted on a daily basis.
On Sunday, 26/11/1435H; corresponding to 219/2014, the Center is to host Abdullah Ba-humaid, consultant in emergency medicine, from 1 and 3 pm. He is to touch upon the most common emergency cases that the Hajj performers may encounter, and the way to deal with them in the most appropriate way. He is also to provide the Hajj performers with the most important tips that prevent them from encountering several health problems, Allah willing. 
 Still, on Monday 27/1/1435H; corresponding to 22/9/204, the Center is to interview Dr. Safiah Al-Sherbini, consultant in endocrinology and diabetes, from 1 to 3 pm. She is to speak on the diabetes, as pilgrims suffering from diabetes are likely to experience some health issues while performing the Hajj rites as a result of the physical effort they will make.
Also, on Wednesday 29/11/1435H, corresponding to 24/9/2014, the Center is to host Dr. Nof Alkhamis, consultant in allergy and immunology, from 1 to 3 pm. She is to answer the Hajj performers’ questions revolving around the allergy symptoms and the problems experienced by pilgrims, ways of prevention and dealing with them on their incidence – Allah Forbid!
 All the more, on Thursday 1/12/1435; corresponding to 25/9/2014, the Center is to interview Dr. Nasser Al-Dosari, consultant in digestive system and liver diseases. He is to provide pilgrims suffering from liver, colon, rectum and digestive system diseases with the most important tips related to their health condition. He is to be available via the above-mentioned toll-free number and MOH Twitter account from 1 to 3 pm.
It is worth mentioning that the MOH Center’s specialists are on the alert throughout the working hours and working days; in order to provide health tips and guidance for the Hajj performers and their relatives on the importance of commitment to taking the basic and obligatory vaccines, as well as adhering to treatment prescriptions, and other health issues that matter.   

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