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Seven Hospitals Accommodating 1,000 Beds in the Service of Pilgrims in Madinah
17 September 2014
Within its preparatory plan for this year's Hajj season, the Madinah Health Affairs General Directorate has continued to provide its services for the pilgrims and the visitors of the Prophet's Mosque from early time. In this regard, the directorate has designated 7 hospitals with a total capacity of 1,000 beds, including 135 beds for intensive care, and prepared them with the best curative and preventive capabilities to serve the pilgrims and the visitors of the Prophet's Mosque.
The first frontline hospitals in the Hajj's plan, which will provide curative services for the Guests of Allah and the visitors of the Prophet's Mosque, include: King Fahad Hospital (423 beds), al-Ansar Hospital (100 beds), al-Miqat Hospital (65 beds), Ohud Hospital (261 beds), al-Hanakiyah Hospital (50 beds), Khaibar Hospital (50 beds) and al-Hemnah Hospital (50 beds). Meanwhile, the other governmental hospitals shall be regarded as a third frontline for the emergency cases, while the private hospitals shall serve as the fourth frontline in the event of insufficiency of beds at MOH’s hospitals for the emergency cases.
Within the same vein, the Madinah Health affairs General Directorate has prepared about 20 permanent and seasonal health centers spread around the Prophet's Mosque, pilgrims’ housing areas in Madinah, the entrances and exits of Madinah, roads to and from Madinah and air, land and sea ports. These health facilities have been provided with the workforce from the different medical, technical and administrative specialties.
Meanwhile, the Madinah Health Affairs General Directorate has started  its work with full human, technical and medical capacities providing its curative and preventive services for the pilgrims arriving through the entrances of Madinah. Out of 108,638 pilgrims who arrived during the period Dhul Qa`dah 1st-20th 1435H, it has provided preventive treatment for 65,038 pilgrims and polio vaccines for 43,611 pilgrims.
 Furthermore, the Madinah Health Affairs General Directorate has renovated the seasonal health centers in the central region and prepared them with the best curative and preventive capabilities, including equipments, care beds and well-trained and experienced workforce to deal with Guests of Allah and circumstances surrounding them. In addition, the directorate provided ambulatory service centers on the main roads leading to Madinah to address emergency cases during the Hajj season in coordination with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the region, as well as the road security and civil defense units.
It's worth mentioning that the Madinah Health Affairs General Directorate provided during the last Hajj season (1434H) health services for 1,045,135 citizens, residents and pilgrims, including 450,000 arrivals in the different Saudi entrances, 374,465 visiting pilgrims and 220,670 visiting citizens and residents. These numbers clearly reflect the magnitude of health work provided for the Guests of Allah.

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