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Madina Health Affairs: ‘The Two Patients Are not from the Countries Affected by Ebola’
Madina Health Affairs General Directorate would like to clear up that two persons from an East-African country attended to Al-Selailah Health Care Center at 9 am on August 17th, 2014 (corresponding to Shawwal 21st, 1435 H), complaining of shortness of breath, headache, and blood in urine (hematuria). Biomarkers proved that they were not suffering from high temperature. Nevertheless, the center's doctor has referred them to the hospital; in order to undergo the necessary examinations and get the proper treatment, but they ran away from the center. Consequently, Madina Health Affairs General Directorate has immediately notified the security authorities. It should be noted, though, that those two patients are not from the countries affected by Ebola Virus.
This was declared by the Director of Media and Public Relations at Madina Health Affairs General Directorate, Mr. Abdurraziq bin Abdulaziz Hafez.

Last Update : 18 August 2014 03:35 PM
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