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Medical Tips on Sickle Cell Anemia Patients in Summer
23 June 2014
Dr. Saud Abu-Harbash, the consultant in hematology and oncology, pointed out that the most outstanding problems suffered by the sickle cell anemia patients in the summer are repeated bouts of pain, severe pains in bones and back and blood decomposition. Similarly, he has provided the sickle cell anemia patients with some tips including drinking a lot of fluids, commitment to taking medication, avoiding exercising during hot weather, and avoiding the sun as much as possible. Still, in case the sickle cell anemia patient should travel, they have to carry their medication along. Also, the patient should avoid physical exhaustion in hot weather and drink a lot of water.
This came as part of the Media and Health Awareness National Center of the Ministry of Health (MOH) hosting Dr. Saud Abu-Heraish, the consultant in hematology and oncology. The interview was meant for answering the callers' questions about the sickle cell anemia disease via the Center's toll free telephone: 8002494444 and the MOH Twitter account @saudimoh. It is also to provide the Center's callers with tips in to that effect, particularly in the summer and during travelling.
In a similar fashion, Dr. Saud made clear that the sickle cell anemia is one of the genetic blood diseases, where a disorder occurs in the genes instrumental in forming the hemoglobin, causing the sticking of these cells within the small blood vessels. This therefore reduces the flow of oxygen and blood to the organs of the body, leading to the appearance of symptoms suffered by the Sickle Cell Anemia patients, such as severe pain, dyspnea and other symptoms.
"Usually, the sickle cell anemia symptoms are triggered when the infant reaches four months, and they include repeated pain bouts in different parts of the body, where the red blood cells are broken, blocking of the small blood vessels such as pains in the stomach, joints or either limb, chronic anemia, repeated inflammation, malnutrition symptoms, short stature and slow growth, in addition to deformity in the bones, drowsiness and fatigue and vision problems," Dr. Saud said.
TO prevent from developing the sickle cell anemia, Dr. Saud has underscored the importance of conducing the pre-marital comprehensive medical screening, to help limiting the transmission of the Sickle Cell Anemia disease among generations. To that effect, the medical examinations show that either male or female is more likely to have defective genes, particularly those who do not show the disease symptoms.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday's tomorrow, the Center is to host Dr. Abdullah Abdullah bariBahmaid, emergency medicine consultant, from 1 to 3 pm via the abovementioned MOH's toll free telephone number and Twitter account. On the other hand, the Center's female specialists are ready to receive the inquiries and questions from the patients and the healthy as well on how to perform a healthy fasting, Allah willing, during the holy month of Ramadan, from 10 am to 12 pm.

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