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Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel: “High Temperature Increases Health Problems”
19 June 2014
Consultant in Chest Diseases and Pediatrics, Dr. Naila Abu Al-Jadayel, said that high temperature is causing many health problems, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, particularly among the elderly people and children with asthma and allergies. She added that the allergy-triggering substances become common in summer.
Furthermore, Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel branded viral infections as one of the top diseases affecting the respiratory system and causing a cold in summer. "Children, in many cases, are affected with many viral infections when they go to swimming pools, where humidity and high temperature create the proper climate for the growth of viruses and bacteria. This viral infection generally affects children and elderly people, while those with allergies suffer allergic rhinitis or asthma," she elaborated.
Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel noted that antibiotics are not the proper medication for viral infections. "Instead, such kinds of viruses may be treated by using paracetamol, taking enough rest and drinking sufficient liquids," she said, adding that the bacterial infection is causing pneumonia and could be treated by taking antibiotics under the supervision of the physician.
Within the same vein, Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel indicated that asthma is one of the most common respiratory diseases, which affects people in the dusty atmospheres and seasonal changes and after catching viral infections or during daily exercises. "However, this disease can be controlled and the patient can get adapted to it by using the Ventolin inhaler device and steroid aerosols," She said.
This came while hosting of Dr. Naila Abu Al-Jadayel at the National Center for Media and Health Awareness of the Ministry of Health (MOH) via the Center’s toll-free number: 8002494444 and the Ministry's Twitter account: @SAUDIMOH. It is worth mentioning that the MOH has launched its health awareness campaign for this year's summer to educate community members on the summer and travelling diseases and provide them with the most common advices that will help protect them –Allah willing- from many respiratory and chest diseases and the health problems associated to them.
Regarding the most significant prevention ways from summer diseases, Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel underlined the importance of staying at homes in the dusty and high humidity atmospheres, avoiding exposure to sunlight, particularly between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, besides wearing a head cover, hat or any white cover on the head, using an umbrella and sunscreen particularly for people with white skin, in addition to wearing loose and cotton clothes with light colors.
In a similar fashion, she underscored the importance of washing hands regularly, using paper napkins when coughing or sneezing, drinking enough amounts of water (8 glasses/2 liters daily), taking light and healthy meals including vegetables, fruits and cereals, not buying food from street vendors or food exposed to flies and insects in addition to avoiding keeping cooked food for long time at rooms. Thus, the microbial growth and reproduction can be prevented.
Wrapping up her speech, Dr. Abu Al-Jadayel advised patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and cardiac disorders to visit their treating physician, take a new medical report and prepare the travel bag well before travelling, besides carrying with them necessary medication as many countries prohibit medication dispersal without a prescription. She also advised patients to take small amounts of medicines in their handbags to be used in the event of late departure or delayed release of luggage at the airport, besides avoiding buying drugs of unknown origins or herbal drugs or unlicensed lotions, in addition to taking a daily path, starting an exercise program, sleeping well and having rest.

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