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Dr. Al-Ghamdi: The MOH Adopted a Plan to Establish Specialized Centers for Diabetics Nationwide
07 May 2014
The Director General of Hospitals at the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Ghamdi, has conveyed the MOH's keenness on providing the best healthcare services for patients with chronic diseases, especially those suffering from diabetes; due to their increasing number in the Kingdom. 

In this context, Dr. al-Ghamdi has expressed his deepest thanks and gratitude to the Minister of Health and the two vice ministers for their unlimited support of the Hospitals General Department. He noted that the officials' directions have stressed the importance of providing high-quality medical services for patients according to the highest standards and levels.

These remarks were made during the inauguration of the third meeting of staffers of diabetes centers and units, which is now held at the Hospitals General Department premises under the slogan (Teamwork Spirit).

Moreover, Dr. al-Ghamdi has made it clear that the collective action among health practitioners has played a crucial role in improving the medical healthcare services for patients, praising the MOH's efforts to equip diabetes centers with the latest equipments and skilled manpower. He underlined that the Ministry has adopted a plan to establish specialized medical centers for those suffering from diabetics nationwide. Dr. al—Ghamdi expected these centers to bring about a quantum leap with regard to the provided health services. 

"This move comes as part of the MOH's endeavors to gain the satisfaction of beneficiaries of health services in the Kingdom," he said.

In conclusion, Dr. al-Ghamdi noted that the meeting aims at improving communication and exchanging expertise among staffers of diabetes centers. "It will also give them a motive to exert more efforts to improve the health, diagnostic, and therapeutic services provided for patients in the Kingdom," said Dr. al-Ghamdi, adding that the Diabetes Centers and Units Department of the Hospitals General Department has held a number of courses, meetings, and symposiums in order to improve the occupational level of providers of diabetes services in the state.
Meanwhile, the Director General of Diabetes Centers and Units at the MOH's Hospitals General Department, Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Harbi, has underlined that the meeting will focus on the importance of the collective action at medical facilities through providing healthcare services for diabetics. He noted that a scientific conference will be held on the sidelines of the meeting on the updates of diabetes and its treatment at all ages.  Dr. al-Harbi underscored that 10 non-Saudi physicians along with five others from within the Kingdom -all are specialists in diabetes- will participate in this gathering.

Moreover, Dr. al-Harbi noted that a number of scientific programs and courses will be launched during the meeting on the treatment of diabetes among adults and children as well as the latest topics in this field. "Another workshop will be held for the educated staffers at diabetes centers and units," said Dr. al-Harbi, adding that this event, which will be organized in cooperation with Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, is due to touch upon the importance of communicating with diabetics to cure them.

Finally, Dr. al-Harbi noted that the activities of the meeting include the holding of a workshop on diabetic foot. "This event aims at briefing physicians and nurses on the requirements of diabetic foot and their proper usage," he said, adding that upon the directions of the Deputy Minister of Health for Curative Services, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Hemaidi, a competition will be held on the best diabetes center participating in the accompanying fair.

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