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MOH Continues Doing MERS-CoV Surveillance Work, Calls on Experts to Submit their Researches for Study
19 April 2014
In continuation of the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and its interest in pinpointing the scope of the Middle East respiratory syndrome CoronaVirus (MERS CoV) spread, the MOH has expanded the surveillance and search work regarding its spread, and has tested big numbers of those mingling with the infected. AS a result, the MOH noticed an increase in the number of cases as well as the appearance of some cases without MERS CoV-related symptoms, May Allah be praised.
In meantime, the MOH pointed out that it constantly communicates with the scientific, specialized bodies and universities and the companies manufacturing the vaccines. This aims at reaching the information which together with the rest of the world's states, enable it to identify the ways of virus transmission, look intoways of treatment, and manufacture the appropriate vaccine, Allah willing.
Within the same vein, in continuation of the transparency and clarity approach, the MOH briefed that it will allow all to have a look on any new information to that effect. In a similar fashion, we urge all not to listen to the rumors and information put about by untrusted sources, and pay attention to obtain the information on this virus from the official sources. Further, it called onall the expertsto come forward with ideas or research projects on the MERS CoVto the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases, or the MOH, or the Saudi universities; in order to consider the seriousness of these researches and participate in implementing them.

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