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Minister of Health Inspects Jeddah's Hospitals, Affirms the Coronavirus Situation Is Assured
On Saturday evening, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah made an inspection tour during which he visited a number of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) hospitals in Jeddah, with visiting the King Abdulaziz University Hospital included. He assured of the work flow in these hospitals and the health services andthe medical care they deliver for the dear citizens. In like manner, he had a look on the precautionary and preventive procedures taken for coping with the Coronavirus outbreak. Also during the tour, he met with the patients detained in these hospitals and made certain of their health conditions. Further, he urged all the staff of these facilities to do their utmost; in order to serve the patient, gain their satisfaction, and work on achieving the MOH's motto "Patient First". Even more, he extended his deepest thanks and appreciation to them for every effort they exert and what they provide in terms of humanitarian acts and valuable services for their giving country and dear citizens.
Similarly, he started his inspection tour with visiting the King Saud University in the north of Jeddah, with the attendance of the MOH's senior officials. He also paid a visit to the King Fahad Hospital and inspected the situation of the health services, as well as meeting the patients. In a similar fashion, he inspected the advanced sterilization unit and had a look on the automatic sterilization procedures and the latest devices the hospital was provided with, in addition to inspecting the newly-opened X-ray sections. Afterwards he headed to the King Abdulaziz University Hospital where he assured of the detained patients' health and met the dean of theCollege of Medicine and the hospital's doctors.
Then he visited the King Abdulaziz Hospital and inspected the emergency sections and intensive care units, as well as paying a visit to the regional laboratory and the psychological health hospital. 
He urged all not to believe the rumors and the messages not released by a trusted source. Meanwhile, he affirmed that the MOH will continue disseminating the facts in a transparent way, and that all are interested in the country's and citizen's health.

On a press release, while drawing his tour to a close, he emphasized that the Coronavirus situation is assured, May Allah be praised. And the incidence is at itsnormal rate. Similarly, the MOH keeps a close eye on all the latest on the virus situation and its developments in coordination with the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases and the World Health Organization (WHO), adding that four virus-related cases have been reported in Jeddah.

Last Update : 14 April 2014 11:42 AM
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