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Dr. Al-Rumaikhan: Cleaning the Mouth, Following a Balanced Diet Prevent the Dental Problems
01 April 2014
Dr. Ali Al-Rumaikhan, the orthodontics consultant, and the supervisor of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Preventive Programs, affirmed that in order for the human to prevent themselves from the dental problems in general, they are advised to follow a balanced, proper diet for the health of the body, mouth, and teeth, maintain the oral and dental cleaning continuously, clean their teeth with a slightly soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride-enhanced toothpaste, see the dentist every six months periodically, and tackle the dental problems at their early stages."
Similarly, he noted that "the medical breakthroughs do not come to a halt, especially in the dentistry field. Further, there are new medical devices and materials lessening pain and timein terms of treating the teeth. For example, the preventive fillings that require a short visit to the dentist and increasethe rate of protection againstdental caries by 90%. These fillings can be conducted to the adult and the young. Even more, the gum anesthesia has been developed in a way that makes the dentist do without the needles and render the procedure painless, as well as introducing treatment with laser devices. All these technologies do not cause any pain or panic.
This came during the Dr. Al-Rumaikhan's interview hosted by the MOH Media and Health Awareness National Center via the Center's toll-free telephone number: 8002494444 and the MOH twitter account: saudimoh@. This coincided with the UnifiedGulf Week for enhancing the oral and dental health, marked on the twenty-fifth of March. This year, it is celebrated under the theme "Teeth: Health and Beauty".
Meanwhile, he pointed out that of the most prominent potential goals behind celebrating this Week are to educate the community individuals, namely children, on the importance and ways of tending to the oral and dental health, activate the preventive role of those working in the dentistry field, put into effect the role of the community institutions in boosting and implementing the preventive programs, and have the other governmental health sectors participate in activating these programs. Not only that, it also aims to set the plans and solutions contributing to preventing the community from the oral and dental diseases. This comes when the rate of the oral and dental diseases is high, is increasing, and surpasses many of the developed and developing countries due to some of the arab community behaviors and paying less attention to the oral and dental health. This in turn entails joining hands and exerting every effort helping reduce developing these diseases, especially the dental caries afflicting the young, boys and girls alike, of the Gulf Cooperation Council's states.
As regards the significance of the cooperation built between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Education, particularly regarding the educational programs related to maintaining the teeth of the generation to come, he noted " great cooperation is built between the two ministries, and they represented by the dentistry departments developed a program for training the teachers: "Teacher of Science " on the sound nutrition and the oral and dental safety. Similarly, the teacher was provided with a comprehensive training book holding all the important information involved in the health education, as well as providing them with a compact disc (CD) to refer to it when necessary."
Replying to some of the questions reached at the MOH twitter account, he made clear that treating the persistent bad breath and the blood coming out of the gum when brushing the teeth due to the quick calculus formation is using the dental thread regularly and seeing the oral health therapist every three months rather than six months.
He went on to add that "sinusitis causes bad breath according to the severity of the inflammation, especially if it is associated with tonsillitis. He also emphasized that dental implant is better than dental construction since dental construction entails filing the adjacent teeth, and this harms the sound teeth." 
For his part, the Advisor of his Excellency the Minister of Health, the Supervisor-General of the relations, media and health awareness, and the MOH official spokesman, Dr. Khalid Al-Marghlani underlined that "the MOH's prominent events of this year's Gulf Week for the Dental and Oral Health are conducting the clinical examination to the children's teeth and their relatives particularly in the parks and malls, holding the educational lectures and visual shows, handing out brochures and leaflets, organizing competitions, and awarding children prizes. In a similar fashion, the MOH makes field visits to the primary schools periodically. These visits involve conducting the preventive fillings and the appliedfluoride which Allah willing, reduces the dental caries by 90%.

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