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Dr. Aldukhail: MOH Seeks to Reach out to those Benefiting from its Services via the "Citizen's Voice" System
26 February 2014
The Supervisor-General of the MOH Patients' Rights and Relations General Department, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdul Muhsin Aldukhail noted that the Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to reach out to those benefiting from the health services in all the places and via all the communication means, such as the "Citizen's Voice" system. Such a system aims to have the citizens' and foreigners' voices reach out right to the MOH, via the MOH portal. Such service involves the complaints, inquiries, suggestions, and thanks. Similarly, the complaints and inquiries have been electronically linked to the relevant departments; in order to speed getting the message across to the concerned bodies and following it until it is tackled. He further made clear that it takes three working days to send a reply to the message. Moreover, the system sends text messages to the email by the cell phone and notifies the person sent the complaint with a text message and email in each of the complaint stages.
This was during his visit to the MOH's pavilion taking part in the national festival for heritage and culture "Al-Janadria 29", where he lauded what he saw at the pavilion. He went on pointing out that the pavilion services experienced an impressive stride as it combines between the professional aspect and cultural one, which is in the interest of the visitors of the exhibit. To that effect, a stage was erected on which visitors were awarded prizes, and it was frequented by the young and the adult, men and women alike. All the visitors were eager to listen to an educational session performed through comic scenes. Moreover, he remarked that he received a number of complaints and suggestions from the visitors of the pavilion, which have been tackled at once.
Still, the Nutrition General Department, through the health pavilion, took part with the "Health Nutrition Palm" Program; it aims at educating citizens on the meals they have in terms of quality and quantity, as well as their needs of the food group daily rations. It also urges on regularly exercising for all the society's age groups and reducing the nutrition-related diseases and their complications among the society individuals such as obesity diseases, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, vitamin deficiency, among others.
In similar fashion, the Program sheds light on the basic food rich in the nutritional elements good for the body such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Furthermore, it recommends avoiding having the takeaways, fizzy beverages, foods rich in salt and sugar and fatty ones, as well as correcting the nutritional behavior.
Even more, the child's theatre organized by the MOH's pavilion taking part in the national festival for heritage and culture in Janadria this year, attracted a big numberof audiences who interacted with the entertaining, cultural, and educational activities presented for them.
The child's theater witnessed great interaction from the visitors who showed interest in the educational and cultural programs and messages presented, in addition to the diverse, distinctive competitions and prizes which encouraged many of them to participate and interact with the theatrical and singing shows. Accordingly, the child's theatre managed to display educational messages shining light on some meaningful directives and tips on the oral health, first aids, treating burn ways, smoking harm, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Also, those in charge of the theatrical shows was keen on spreading the culture of maintaining the public health at the very young and focusing on the healthy foods useful for the children and their health. All the more, it presented diverse educational, cultural, and health competitions during which many presents and in kind prizes were handed out.

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