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MOH Provides 20 Pavilions at Janadria 29
24 February 2014
The Ministry of Health (MOH) is providing a number of medical services for the visitors of the 29th National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadria 29), including tests for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dental health, blood donation services, organ donation, and the Anti-smoking Program, in addition to raising awareness of the early detection of cancerous tumors, by means of specialized clinics at the MOH Pavilion in Janadria.
To that end, the Ministry has set up a large pavilion including over 20 sections covering various medical specialties. The MOH's participation in this year's festival brings together both preventive, therapeutic and health-awareness services, through a host of primary healthcare programs, aside from a plethora of activities intended to raise health awareness of epidemic diseases, as well as the ways to prevent them. It is estimated that 3.500 visitors benefited from these services the day before yesterday.
For his part, the Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Health Care, Mohamed Ba-Suleiman, said that he was impressed by what he saw at the MOH Pavilion. “This discernible development gives a good impression of the positive impact associated with such festivals, and the services provided for the public. Actually it provides an impetus for paying thorough attention to such agglomerations, which help promote health awareness and societal participation,” said Ba-Suleiman. Meanwhile, he expressed his appreciation of all the efforts exerted in this regard, as manifested in the equipments provided by the Ministry of Health, including devices for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight, as well as disseminating health-awareness brochures. In addition, competent specialists are available for providing apt answers for the visitors' inquiries, most notably questions on how to avoid being infected by certain diseases, how such diseases could be treated, the recommended sports and exercises, and other disease-related consultations. Besides, some visitors prefer to stay at the Pavilion for a while so that they could take a closer look at the information provided by competent specialists.
Meanwhile, the organ donation section at the MOH Pavilion has attracted a good turnout of visitors. The section disseminates brochures on the visitors, and introduces them with the center's work, as well as educating them about the ways of organ-transplantation, the types of donors and those eligible for donation, the rudimentary preparations for transplantation, in addition to introducing them with the transplantation of organs from brain-dead persons, the pre-transplantation preparations, the expected duration of the surgery, the life-expectancy of persons with transplanted organs, the potential complications, the necessary medications after an organ-transplantation operation, and how to restore the normal life, by way of dental care, healthy food, and exercise, as well as providing information on the married life, pregnancy, tobacco-use and traveling. 
The nutrition has witnessed a considerable turnout as well. It provides health-awareness services through a number of competent specialists, who introduce visitors with obesity, its causes, complications and health risks, as well as how to avoid it. Besides, general nutritional tips are provided as to how to have a healthy day, from breakfast to supper, as well as the diets to be used in each case.
Outstanding among the MOH's participations this year is presenting the showing: “Your Health Is Your Live” on the Child Theatre. The theatre, which accommodates over 500 visitors, has attracted an intense turnout. More than 50 awards are given to the audience daily, in addition to a draw for two plasma TVs and cell phones every day.
Over and above, the MOH Media Production Center has been visited by a large number of visitors. In this section, all visitors, children and adults alike, are taken photos by the Ministry's photographers. And each visitor can get his photo from the Instagram Social Network (at the accout: @pcmoh). That is to be added to the launch of the MOH Photography Contest, in its second round, in conjunction with the Janadria 29, with awards mounting to over SR 30.000. In this contest, participants will have to take photos of the festival, the MOH Pavilion, or any of the events of Janadria 29.
It is worth mentioning that the MOH Pavilion at the 29th National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadria 29) seeks to show the evolution of health services at various historical junctures, in addition to raising the public health awareness through the accompanying events and activities.

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