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Dr. Al-Hemeidi Acclaims the “Child Theatre” in the MOH Pavilion in Janadriyah
23 February 2014
The Deputy Minister of Health for Curative Services, Dr. AbulAziz Al-Hemeidi, stated that the Ministry of Health (MOH) sets its eyes on objectives that it endeavors to achieve in the upcoming five years. It is aspired that services would reach its best levels through clinical beds, automation, training, nursing and doctors; in order to remove the obstacles that impede the Ministry’s progress; because there are many obstacles that cannot be resolved in a year or two. Rather, they need decades to be resolved, especially when it comes to subspecialties. Since the Ministry of Health intensely marched into subspecialties such as oncology, cardiology, and neurosurgery around 10 years ago, it is on the right path; however, time is needed, at least in the next five years.
Dr. Al-Hemeidi demonstrated that, according to the MOH's strategy, by 1440H, the number of clinical beds will be doubled. Thus, currently estimated at about 38.000, beds by 1440H are expected to be 73.000.
During his visit to the MOH pavilion in Janadriah, he affirmed that the great efforts exerted to organize the pavilion have reflected the powerful movement to directly convey the message to citizens and beneficiaries of medical and therapeutic services offered by MOH. They are tangible efforts when it comes to warning and preventing many common diseases such as cavity, obesity, malnutrition, diabetes and hypertension. He stressed on seizing this opportunity and focusing, through the pavilion, to reduce the infection rates of such diseases; which result from the lack of awareness and non-compliance with tips and guidelines offered by the MOH in such events.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Hemeidi praised the MOHpavilion in Janadriah as it included many health awareness programs such as the domestic violence program, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, blood donation, domestic medicine, patient rights and relations. Besides, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and King Fahad Medical City, King Abdullah Medical City also participated, as well as the “Child Theatre” annexed to the pavilion.
Dr. Al-Hemeidi pointed out that the MOH has launched the “Health Award”; in order to encourage the positive participation of the society to come up with ideas and launch health-promoting projects to confirm that the society has become responsible for and aware of the health system as it is not only a therapeutic issue; rather, diseases must be prevented and eliminated.
He added, “We are well-aware of contemporary diseases, so if we do not cooperate to eliminate them, they will spread and proliferate; therefore, we endeavor to provide tips and raise awareness of such diseases and how to eliminate and treat them through the Janadriah pavilion. It is an invaluable effort.”
Dr. Al-Hemeidi stressed on the pavilion organizers that it is necessary to simplify and deliver information to visitors, hoping that results will be visible and benefit citizens from the offered services. He pointed out that through conducting screening on visitors, the MOH will know the infection rates of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity, as the Ministry will follow up the patients once they detect any diseases and transfer them to an MOH hospital where they will be properly treated.
Furthermore, Dr. Al-Hemeidi affirmed that it is necessary for all health regions in the Kingdom to participate in such events; in order to gain sufficient experience by scheduling a proper agenda in this regard. He demonstrated that the ultimate goal of such events is to seize them to educate citizens to protect themselves and their families from the common diseases that are to burden us during the upcoming 10 to 20 years. Moreover, the other goal is to inform patients and beneficiaries that there is an incessant movement by the MOH, and there are more services to be offered in the future. Although the MOHis facing huge difficulties, it is still a service provider that is facing a great challenge through the increasing number of population and sudden emergence of diseases; it was never expected that obesity would reach this high level. These are new diseases that emerged and developed over time; therefore, no matter how many services the MOH offers, it is still demanded to offer more and more services.
Dr. Al-Hemeidi concluded his speech praising the “Child Theatre” annexed to the MOH pavilion in Janadriah; as he described it as an essential, positive step towards health awareness by delivering the right information simply to our children by lovely, funny cartoon characters; in order to provide children with health concepts such as unhealthy food and cavity, using a simple language that is akin to the community language.

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