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Dr. Al-Howasi Meets a Delegation of the Kuwaiti Health Ministry
04 February 2014
His Excellency the Vice Minister for Health Affairs, Dr. Mansour Al-Howasi, has received at his office today morning a delegation of the Kuwaiti Health Ministry, headed by Kuwait's Assistant Deputy Minister for the Private Health Sector Services Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Jasem Al- Khashti. The Kuwaiti delegation is currently paying a cordial visit to the Kingdom within the framework of the joint cooperation among the GCC countries.
Furthermore, the delegation has met with a number of officials of the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH). During the meeting, the delegation has been briefed on the private health sector affairs and the Saudi expertise in the accreditation, monitoring, inspection and evaluation of health facilities, as well as licensing of the medical and technical practitioners.
For his part, Dr. Al-Khashti has pointed out that cooperation and coordination among the GCC health affairs agencies are enduring and long-lasting; adding that this comes as part of their endeavors to achieve the desired objectives in line with the aspirations of the GCC citizens.
“Our visit to the Kingdom aims at recognizing the applicable procedures in Saudi Arabia and some GCC countries, especially with regard to dealing with the private health sector, such as hospitals, as well as license issuance and inspection systems,” Dr. Al-Khashti said.
“Our next visit will be to Qatar for the same purpose,” he highlighted, adding that this move targets finding a suitable and easy system to benefit from and to contribute to the development of the private health sector in Kuwait.
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Khashti highlighted that Kuwait, like Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, witnessed a huge leap in its health sector during the past five years, the matter which requires keeping abreast with this constant development and progress.
Finally, Dr. Al-Khashti underscored that exchanging of ideas, proposals and discussions among the GCC countries is ongoing; including the idea to unify a project on the private health sector among the GCC countries, noting that the idea is still in its beginning. He went on adding that they will seek in the future to adopt all what is useful and contributes to improving the performance level at the private health sector, as well as enhancing its efficiency, in such a manner that is commensurate with the aspirations of the GCC officials and their citizens.

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