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Specialist Gives Tips on Sexual Abuse among Children
30 January 2014
Social worker Ms. Layla Ali Wahbi highlighted that the parents can help their child develop his capabilities through promoting his self-confidence and appraising his performance in case of behaving well. She added that the parents should also take care of their child's nutrition, encourage him to sleep early, reduce the time spent with maids, and prevent him from talking with strangers, accompanying them, or spending a long time in front of the TV.
“Instead, the parents should encourage the child to play the games that help build his body, mind and capabilities, make use of his physical and mental capacity for production and creativity and find a hobby that suits his age and tendencies,” Ms. Layla said.
As part of the health awareness efforts carried out by the Ministry to promote the health awareness among the community members of all groups and segments, and in continuation of the MOH educational activities and events all year around, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched an educational program about the child sexual abuse on Monday, January 27, 2014, coinciding with the beginning of the second semester of this school year. The Ministry, through the National Center for Media and Health Awareness, has hosted social worker Ms. Layla Ali Wahbi via the Center’s toll-free number: 8002494444 and the MOH's account on Twitter: @saudimoh; to answer the parent's questions on the ways to prevent sexual abuse and help children develop their capabilities.
Ms. Layla hailed the family's role in keeping the child away from the sexual abuse; through staying close to him, making him feel that he is so important in their lives, raising his awareness on the sensitive areas in the body, giving him a chance to take part in the family's talks and listening to his questions and answering him rationally. In addition, Ms. Layla stressed the parents have to be aware of the child's friends and warn him against holding friendships with older people.
Within the same vein, Ms. Layla advised the parents to keep their eye on the action and the psychological behavior of the child and brief him on the issue of pedophilia, highlighting that the advice should be in the form of intimation, such as narrating a story that identifies the problem and suggests a solution. She also asked parents to build confidence in the child and make him feel that he is better than others with regard to responding to the advice, executing orders and staying away from the sexual abuse.
Talking about ways to educate children about the sexual abuse in a simple and gradual manner that is commensurate with their intellectual and aging levels, Ms. Layla said the parents should first define the sexual abuse and mention its types for their child with focus on the fact that it is a crime whose offender should be punished. She added that the parents should advise their children not to allow any person to kiss them or touch the sensitive areas in their bodies. The child was advised also not to receive any candy or gifts without charge, or accept any outing alone.
Meanwhile, Ms. Layla underlined that the child is talking about the sexual abuse when he feels that both father and mother love each other and they will not blame him for the abuse. “On the other hand, the parents should calmly listen to the child, behave wisely with the problem, thank him for telling them what had happened, and promise him that they will do their best to solve this problem,” she said, adding that the parents should also inform their child to be cautious when dealing with others and tell him that the perpetrator should be punished for this illegal and sleazy action.
“The religious morals are very important to overcome this problem,” said Ms. Layla, adding that if the child is sexually abused, he should be placed under observation with people around him in order not to remember what happened.  She noted that the child should also engage in an activity or a hobby after a physician examines him. If necessary, the child might be treated at the hands of a specialist or psychologist till he gets recovered, Allah willing, Ms. Layla concluded.

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