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Cardiac Center in Arar Conducts (690) Cardiac Catheterizations, (28) Open-Heart Surgery Operations
06 January 2014
Within the framework of spreading the specialized reference health services; to the point of including the entire giving country's regions, Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Musa'ed Cardiac Centre in Arar conducted more than (690) therapeutic and diagnostic cardiac catheterizations since its opening in 1432H. On the other hand, the number of open-heart surgery operations reached (28) ones; they included transplanting coronary arteries, and changing or fixing valves.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Hospitals' Affairs, Dr. Aqeel bin Jam'aan Al-Ghamdi unveiled the vision and aspiration of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in terms of paying attention to serving the patients , meeting their health needs, and providing the advanced specialized therapeutic services with the highest world quality standards; and spreading them in the places where they exist, through the National Project for the Integrated and Inclusive Healthcare and expanding in terms of building the specialized centers.

He went on to add that currently, the MOH is establishing and equipping three cardiac disease and surgery centers in each of Tabuk, Jizan and Ta'if; to be added to the nine specialized centers located in each of Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Al-Qassim, Najran, Northern Borders, and Ha'il. Not only that, but it is also going up four oncology treatment centers in each of Madinah, Al-Ahsa, Ha'il, and Jizan; to be added to the centers located in each of Riyadh, Al-Qassim, Makkah, and Eastern Province.

Within the same vein, he pointed out that Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Musa'ed Cardiac Centre in Arar bears witness to the developmental, inclusive boom which the MOH's services see through its National Project for the Integrated and Inclusive Healthcare, aiming to achieve the principles of equality, justice, and inclusiveness in terms of distributing the health services, its attainability, and its affordability. It is also to provide the healthcare for citizens in their domiciles, without the need of travelling to the other regions in search for these medical specialized centers. Further, this Center receives the patients of the entire Northern Borders region's hospitals and works on providing integrated, high-quality medical services, focused on the cardiac patient and their care. All the more, it delivers the medical services with its present-day concept through setting high-level standards. And, the Center comprises 30 beds, eight intensive care beds, an operation room, catheterization laboratory, three cardiac clinics, two cardiography rooms, and two rooms for echocardiography andcardiac stress test.
In meantime, more than 68,000 patients benefited from the diagnostic and therapeutic services of the Center, to the effect that these services included CT scan, emergency, outpatient clinics, detention, cardiography, monitoring heart activity (holter), cardiac intensive care, cardiac surgical operations, and diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization. In addition to this, the Center employs eight consulting physicians, ten specialists, and nine interns; they are specialized in all cardiac-related fields, as well as the supportive medical cadres and administrative officials.

He further pointed out that establishing these centers comes in continuation of providing the inclusive diverse and specialized health services for all the patients in the entire regions. All of these services are harnessed for the service and safety of the citizens and gaining the satisfaction of the service provider and its recipient, in a way that puts the motto of "Patient First" into effect. Also, the MOH seeks to support the existing centers in a manner that perfectly meets the world standards of the specialized centers, establish new centers achieving the distribution justice and attainability, and provide the human resources quantitatively and qualitatively according to the accredited world standards.


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