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MOH Receives International Acclaim for Combating Tuberculosis
24 October 2013
The Executive Representative of the WHO's Tuberculosis Association, Dr. Lucie Doughty, asserts that benefit should be taken from Saudi’s rich experience with tuberculosis (TB), especially with regards to their method of using mobile medics to treat patients at their place of residence periodically. Dr. Lucie lauded the success achieved in the TB diagnosis and treatment program in Saudi.
She mentioned this during a review of international efforts in the fight against tuberculosis before a delegation of Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO) members. This was during the 4th session of the Islamic Conference for Ministers of Health held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Dr. Lucie went on to add that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a significant decision to eradicate TB by 2040. She demonstrated that this decision leads to two important conclusions for the Islamic Cooperation Organization ICO countries. Firstly, setting goals based on priorities and the environmental situation in the Kingdom. Secondly, benefiting from leading global experiences in offering services, and sharing experiences with other countries in this field. The Kingdom can be a source of knowledge and experience for other ICO countries to eradicate TB.

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