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Dr. Mohaib Al-Abdullah Advises Cardiac Patients to Take the Necessary Vaccines before Embarking on the Hajj Rites
10 October 2013
The senior cardiac consultant, Dr. Mohaib Al-Abdullah made clear that cardiac patients can perform the Hajj rites providing that their health condition is stable; and before performing the hajj rites within proper time span, it is advisable to consult their physicians. He further urged cardiac patients seeking to go on the Hajj rites to be keen on taking the necessary vaccines such as meningitis and flu vaccines, especially that cardiac patients especially those with cardiomyopathy, contracting flu puts them at great risk as this could be associated with cardiac failure.
He went on urging a cardiac patient planning to perform the Hajj rites to take sufficient amounts of medications even after the Hajj rites have finished, be interested in taking medications at a regular basis, and not stopping taking them for any reasons whatsoever; only under the supervision of a physician. Also, coronary artery atheroma patients have to carry along nitroglycerin tablets; they areones put under the tongue to betaken when chest pains occur, Allah forbids.
Within the same vein, he pointed out that cardiac patientscurrently recommended not performing the Hajj rites are those recently experienced myocardial infraction, or those who developed fresh cardiac symptoms such as chest pain and dyspnea, or those who recently underwent an open-heart surgery operations ; finally those who are awaiting to have open-heart surgery operations conducted for them.
He further advised those suffering from cardiac problems to avoid mental and physical strain and psychological disturbances as much as they could, pay attention to the type of food they have, and reduce salt in food; and keep away from fats, as much as they could.
This was when the Media Information and Health Awareness Center hosted Dr. Mohaib Al-Abdullah, the senior cardiac consultant via the toll-free telephone line: 8002494444 and the Twitter account of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to answer the callers' questions, especially those suffering from some cardiac disease as part of the "Hajj Performers' is our Facade" service. It is implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for the tenth consecutive year.
In the meantime, he went on pointing out that cardiac diseases, namely coronary artery atheroma, are on the rise in the Arab Gulf States' region in general. This is due to the economic boom in these countries with low health awareness in the region, to the effect that there is an increase in obesity rates, high diabetes injury, hypertension, as well as the spread of smoking habit and lack of exercise." 
He also drew attention to the fact that the proportion of atheroma injury in the countries of Western Europe and North America are remarkable declining; this is due to the awareness programs carried out in these countries to limit the injury proportion."
Meanwhile, he warned on neglecting the pains cardiac patients may feel, and advised them to head to the nearest hospital or health center if these severe pains recurred and did not subside in spite of taking the medication.

All the more, he provided tips for those following the MOH Twitter account, of which are keeping weight within natural limits and stopping smoking especially that smoking is one of the risk factors of many diseases since it impacts heart artery and brain; and a leading cause of lung cancer.

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