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SR 124 Million Allocated for Establishing the New Building of Afif Hospital
10 October 2013
In response to what has been recently published on the status of Afif Hospital, and its need for maintenance; and in quest for clarifying the truth, and letting everyone learn about the efforts exerted by the Health Affairs Directorate to develop this hospital and improve its services provided for the people of Afif Province; and emanating from the principle of transparency, embraced by the Ministry of Health in its communication with all mass media, the Health Affairs General Directorate would like to announce that the hospital building needs restoration and rehabilitation of its infrastructure; given it is over 30 years now since it was established.
The Ministry's specialized technical committees have studied the situation of the hospital, and came up with the recommendation that the old building has to be replaced with a new one, that accords with the world's latest design standards, already adopted by the Ministry.
Accordingly, the Ministry has allocated a sum of SR 124 million, from this year's budget, for establishing the new building in place of the old one.
Underway is the coordination with the competent authorities to allocate a proper plot of land for setting up the hospital.
The project shall be awarded to a company specialized in hospital construction, in line with the state-of-the-art standards and specifications adopted by the Ministry in its health projects; seeking to satisfy patients' needs and offer comfort to them.
It is noteworthy that the Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate, by making this clarification, is reiterating its commitment to providing health care to the people of the province, and satisfying their health requirements, thus fulfilling the aspirations of the Governors, may Allah protect them.
That is in accordance with the National Project for Integrated and Comprehensive Health Care, which sets up as a target the realization of such principles as equality, justice and inclusiveness in the distribution of health services, as well as promoting their feasibility and accessibility.

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