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Dr. al-Rabeeah: “Pilgrims' Health Situation Is Reassuring”
09 October 2013
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Rabeeah, has announced that the health situation of pilgrims, who have recently entered the Kingdom through the land, sea and air ports, is reassuring, and that not a single case of epidemic or pandemic diseases, nor of coronavirus (MERS-CoV), has been detected thus far.
During the inspection tour he made yesterday (Tuesday) to the Pilgrims City and King Abdulaziz Airport (Jeddah), to take a closer look at workflow and verify of the readiness of the health control center of the airport, Dr. al-Rabeeah was quoted as saying, “Preparations at entry ports, most importantly King Abdulaziz Airport, are conducted by leaps and bounds, either by the Ministry of Health or the other sectors participating in Hajj.”
Following the tour, he said, “The Ministry is proud to be the first authority to received pilgrims, to verify of adherence to health requirements, in addition to providing the medications and vaccinations necessary for them.
Such services are offered by the MOH's teams at the various entry ports; they are skilled, experienced and highly qualified teams supported with high quality equipment.”
Dr. al-Rabeeah revealed that certain pavilions have been designated for sterilization. This comes within the preventive procedures taken by the Ministry, aiming at protecting pilgrims and preserving their safety.
The Ministry, according to Dr. al-Rabeeah, not only provides preventive and general treatment, but provides high quality specific health and therapeutic services as well, including cardiac surgeries and catheterization, interventional endoscopy, dialysis and hemodialysis.
Speaking of the Ministry's preparations for combating the novel coronavirus (MERS-CoV), Dr. al-Rabeeah said, “The Ministry pays thorough attention to the epidemiological surveillance of the virus across the world, in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO).
Also, strict procedures have been taken this year, given the outbreak of coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and health workers have been given strict instructions to isolate any suspected case, and conduct the necessary tests to make sure it is safe.”
The Minister of Health mentioned that the Ministry has, to date, managed to conduct 42 cardiac catheterization surgeries, in addition to 9 digestive endoscopy operations, an open-heart operation, 316 dialysis operations (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), aside from giving 200.000 anti-polio vaccinations.
That is to be added to giving preventive medications to over 60.000 pilgrims, and conducting a number of tests, as well as providing healthcare services, of all levels, to pilgrims. The Ministry is carrying out a humanitarian action, which is grouping pilgrims within health convoys, with the aim of enabling patients to perform the Hajj rites.
He went on to say that there are MOH staffs working at King Abdulaziz Airport as one team. They are full of pride to be working in this country which boasts serving pilgrims. The medical and administrative teat work efficiently around the clock (24/7), and provide thereby all the therapeutic and preventive services for the guests of Allah (pilgrims), in close coordination with all the bodies and authorities participating in Hajj.
As far as the Syrian pilgrims are concerned, Dr. al-Rabeeah reaffirmed that the Ministry of Health particular attention to them. And those who haven't taken the necessary vaccinations at home have taken them at the entry ports, in an endeavor to protect them as well as other pilgrims.
Within the same vein, Dr. al-Rabeeah paid a visit to the health center of the airport, and got reassured about the workflow at the 14 pilgrimage terminals, each of which equipped with a thermal camera, in addition to a comprehensive clinic.
Such clinics are staffed with specialist physicians to put preventive precautions into action, and provide best-quality therapeutic services for pilgrims.
Further, Dr. al-Rabeeah called upon officials and employees to redouble the efforts meant to provide therapeutic and preventive services for all pilgrims, and to intensify work around the clock, as well as complying with the health instructions and guidelines issued by the Ministry to maintain their health and safety, Allah willing.
It didn't escape Dr. al-Rabeeah's notice to take a look at the health-awareness flyers and brochures distributed to pilgrims in their respective languages (such publications have been published by the Ministry of Health in all living languages.)
It followed that Dr. al-Rabeeah directed to the General Hospital, at King Abdullah Medical Complex (north of Jeddah), and visited King Abdulaziz Hospital at the quarantine.
He was accompanied, in this inspection tour, by a number of the MOH senior officials, as well as the heads of the Hajj Preparatory Committees.

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