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MOH: Pilgrims' Health Situation Reassuring, No Epidemic Cases Detected
08 October 2013
The hospitals and health care centers affiliating to the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Makkah and Madinah have kept on providing the public and specialized health services at the third and fourth levels for the pilgrims. The MOH 's statistical statement pointed out that the hospitals and specialized centers in Makkah and Madinah have conducted over the period 1/11/1434H (corresponding to 7/9/2013) to 2/12/1434H (corresponding to 7/10/2013) 42 cardiac catheter surgeries, 9 digestive tract endoscopic surgeries, an open-heart surgery, and 316 dialysis sessions, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

The statistical statement further highlighted that 158929 patients among pilgrims have visited the hospitals and health centers in the sacred capital city and the holy city of Madinah during the same period; given that the hospitals have provided their services for 19229 pilgrims, 10719 of whom have received treatment through the outpatient clinics, while 8510 patients have benefited from the ambulances and emergency services. Furthermore, the statement added that 139700 pilgrims have benefited from the primary health care services of the health centers in the sacred capital city and the holy city of Madinah during the same period.

In conclusion, the statement underscored that 562 sick pilgrims have left the hospitalization sections of the MOH’s health facilities, pointing out that the number of the hospitalized pilgrims remaining at the sacred capital city and Medina is 389 patients until 2/12/1434H (corresponding to 7/10/2013) and they are currently receiving the necessary remedial services.

For its part, the MOH announced that the health status of pilgrims is good, adding that no epidemic cases have been detected. In addition, the MOH highlighted that no Coronavirus cases have been recorded till now.

Last Update : 11 October 2013 07:18 AM
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