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MOH's Advisory Board Members Cite the Board's Achievements
06 October 2013
A wide range of MOH's International Advisory Board  members have made reference to the significant achievements made by the Board since its incorporation in 1430H, lauding the steps taken by the Saudi Arabia in the field of health sector, as well as the enthusiasm and genuine desire of MOH's officials to improve performance, and improve the service “Patient First”.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Andrew Padmos, described the expansion and development of the health system in the Saudi Arabia as distinguished, and so the formation of the Board as a "major step" that makes the Royal College of Canada closer to the medical services and system applied in the Saudi Arabia, noting that the Royal College can provide systems and cooperation in such expansion in the Saudi health services. Dr. Padmos was concluded as saying, “It is my pleasure to participate in such remarkable and effective development.”
For his part, Dr. Alain Beaudet, the President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - the main source of funding the health research in Canada, described the considerable progress achieved by the Kingdom in a very short period as impressive. Dr. Beaudet added that he touched such development after visiting centers such as the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), King Saud University, and most medical cities; the mater which helped him perform the tasks assigned to him by the International Advisory Board, and access to the main goal for which the Board was formed, focusing on the importance of researches in the medical field. Meanwhile, Dr. Beaudet added that the most important challenge for the Ministry is the way of turning the knowledge gained by researches into changes in practice; that is to be added to the diagnostic procedures, and treatment.
Dr. Beaudet was reported as saying, “In fact, we all suffer from the same challenges faced by the Kingdom, but the difference is that the Kingdom witnesses a leap in population with young ages; therefore, some of the challenges faced by the Saudi citizens are different from those we face in Canada; for that reason, the Kingdom is advised not to imitate other countries, such as the United States or Canada, when developing researches; because it does not help.”
Furthermore, Dr. Beaudet highlighted that the research questions of problems are specific to each country; giving example of the Hajj season, which is considered a unique human gathering taking place in the Kingdom every year. Finally, Dr. Beaudet noted that there are a variety of challenges in the health sector that can be solved through researches.
Dr. Anthony Kalloo, the Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said “I was existent here just one year ago, and I see that a number of objectives indicated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) have witnessed significant developments. I got astonished by the achievements accomplished within one year, and this makes me stress that the MOH is thinking in the right way. For that reason, I want to express my enthusiasm to see more success by the Ministry of Health in the tasks at hand, such as establishing more medical and health care facilities, improving the existing facilities, and widening the knowledge of patients receiving the health care.”
Speaking of the achievements accomplished by the International Advisory Board during the past years, Dr. Kalloo focused on the important role and positive impact of the Board, highlighting that the Ministry has made use of the views and experiences out forward by a group of international experts who are leading their own fields, and achieving a fundamental change. In conclusion, Dr. Kalloo stressed “For the above-mentioned reasons, I think that the Saudi Arabia will be one of the leading countries in the health care sector all over the world.”
The Professor of Economics at Harvard University, William Hsiao, said “I have visited the Kingdom 5 years ago, and I'm really impressed by the progress made in the field of health care, which is touched in establishing several primary health centers, increasing the number of hospital beds, and employing physicians and nurses. I would like also extend my gratitude to MOH's officials for focusing on performance and providing the citizens with health care.”
In conclusion, Prof. Hsiao added that the meeting of the Board has discussed the performance measurements to be applied in the Ministry each quarter, or each month; so that the Ministry can follow up the progress made in the field of health care. Talking about the importance and benefits that could be accrued by the Board, Prof. Hsiao focused on the significance of the Board as it comprises people from different countries, describing the Board as a unique one in terms of the rich experience and extensive knowledge of its members, who represent diverse scientific backgrounds.

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