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Dr. Um Al-Khair: There Are Diverse Types of Breast Cancer .. Treatment Varies with the Disease Characteristics
02 October 2013
Dr. Um Al-Khair Abdullah Abu Al-Khair, a consultant of oncology and hematology, demonstrated that breast cancer patients are of three types. For the lady who is still taking supportive chemotherapy, it is preferred that she postpones Hajj to next year; as it is possible that she might face some problems.
As for the lady who is taking hormone therapy or bioremediation, she can perform Hajj without any extra burdens, Allah willing. As for the lady who has metastatic breastcancer, and who might be undergoing chemotherapy, she can intercept it to perform Hajj, postpone it, or take hormone therapy; this is supposed not to pose an impediment to performing Hajj. However, she should consult her own doctor.
Dr. Um al-Khair mad this distinction while being interviewed by the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Center, yesterday, which corresponded to the advent of “October”, appointed as the international awareness breast cancer month, via the center’s toll free number: 8002494444 and MOH Twitter account: @saudimoh. Dr. Um Al-Khair provided patients with information that would support them against this disease, and raise their awareness among pilgrims with breast cancer concerning their ability to perform Hajj, especially those who are still taking medication.
Moreover, Dr. Um Al-Khair affirmed that, currently, we have evidence confirming that there are several types of breast cancer; thus, treatment varies with the breast cancer characteristics. She added that it is confirmed that there is a category of breast cancer patients who do not even need chemotherapy.
Concerning ladies’ fear from  mammograms, she pointed out that it is a small dose of radiation equivalent to radiation at the dentist; as it has no harm. Nor have studies indicated that mammograms cause another type of cancer. On the contrary, it can be a reason to save ladies’ lives.
About the relation of taking birth control pills and breast cancer, Dr. Um Al-Khair affirmed that they slightly increase the chance of breast cancer yearly. However, once they are intercepted, the harm will be eliminated. She emphasized that trying to conceive through pipeline, taking stimulant vaccines or taking alternative hormones after menopause increase the chance of breast cancer. It is recommended that when a lady needs such treatments, she should see her own doctor before taking them; in order to know the risk factors and take an initial x-ray before initiating any treatment.
Furthermore, Dr. Um Al-Khair emphasized that older ladies are more prone to have breast cancer. The older the lady gets, the greater the chance of having breast cancer. However, this does not mean that young ladies are not prone to breast cancer; therefore, every young lady should take care of her own general health, visit a doctor when noticing any changes. If there is a family member with breast cancer, she should discuss her situation with a doctor for the possibility of having breast cancer. In addition, she advised avoiding obesity and smoking, exercising, and following up with a doctor depending on the age.
On the other hand, the Center will host tomorrow, 3/10/2013, corresponding to 27/11/1434H, the endocrinology and diabetes consultant, Dr. Safiah Morad Al-Sharbini, via the center’s toll free number: 8002494444 and MOH Twitter account: @saudimoh; in order to answer callers' questions and concerns, and provide them with medical tips, especially those who intend to perform Hajj.

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