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A Workshop on “The Impact of Religious Education on Patient’s Therapy” Comes to a Close
25 September 2013
The workshop on “The Impact of Religious Education on Patient’s Therapy”, organized by the Religious Education Department at the Ministry of Health (MOH), has recently concluded in Riyadh. It has been held over the period from 17 to 19/9/2013 (corresponding to 11-13/11/1434H).
The Director of MOH Religious Education, Ali bin Suleiman Al-Jam‘an, has pointed out that the workshop aimed to put into force the recommendations of the study entitled: “The Impact of Religious Education on the Public Health”, conducted by the Advisory Committee comprising the Religious Education Department, the Hospitals and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Department and the Mental and Social Health General Department. Furthermore, he underscored that the workshop aimed to put policies, procedures and mechanisms for the implementation of these recommendations, and to be regarded as part of the tasks of the Religious Awareness Department through participation of the Directors of Religious Education Departments at health affairs directorates and religious education offices at health facilities.
Mr. Al-Jam‘an went on adding that the workshop was attended by all directors of the religious education departments at health affairs directorates all over the regions and governorates, as well as a number of supervisors of the religious education offices at health facilities.
Within the same vein, Mr. Al-Jam‘an has underlined that this workshop comes within the framework of the efforts to promote and support the existence of the religious education in the health system, and to work on finding scientific programs for the development of the religious education, built on health foundations and evidences, which are proven by scientific research. Moreover, he added that the workshop aimed to support the religious education with the competent cadres, those who possess the legitimate qualifications; that is to be added to the participation of those who hold scientific specialization, as well as cooperation with universities, to find specialized religious programs, for helping in the patient’s therapy, and to find short-term training programs, for developing the workers’ skills at religious education departments and offices. Aside from that, such programs are needed for the development of short programs for members of the medical team; in an endeavor to make them aware of the importance of the positive impact of religion and religious programs in the public health, as well as working on the introduction of the competent and qualified religious awareness staff within the medical team for making use of them when needed, and to emphasize the use of religious programs in the protection and treatment of patients.

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