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Dr. Al-‘Ansi: “The International Center for Mass Gathering Medicine Will Benefit the Region in General”
23 September 2013
His Excellency the Yemeni Health Minister, Dr. Ahmad Al-‘Ansi, has said, “The Second International Conference for Mass Gathering Medicine, hosted by the Kingdom in its capital city, brings a sense of pride and appreciation, that the Kingdom has reached this level of regulation in the human resources with such high-level efficiency, in addition to the excellent planning and ambitious approach to the future.”
Dr. Al-‘Ansi went on adding that this conference is reckoned a paradigm shift to the Kingdom in the recent period, which upgraded its health domain to the international level. Moreover, he pointed out that there are points that should be noted; namely, that the Kingdom had been attached with enormous potentials, whether financial or human, and this is due to the policy adopted by the Wise Leadership, May Allah protect them, who harnessed all these capabilities for the people of the region in general. The best proof is what we see today in the Mass Gathering Medicine Conference, whose interest does not accrue only to the Kingdom, but also benefits the people of the region in general.
As for Yemen’s visions about the establishment of the International Center for Mass Gathering Medicine, Dr. Al-‘Ansi said, “We would like to congratulate His Excellency the Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, for this most-appreciated effort, and this center, Allah willing, will benefit the region in general.”

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